Since Missouri

Coach Muss has done an amazing job of pulling this team together. GA is not the equal to MO or TN, but they are a pretty decent team. They did not match up well at all with Arkansas, but part of that, a big part, was the way coach Muss matched his players against them. No one has come close to blowing them away like the Hogs did in the 2nd half. Those things happen when the matchups get right (or wrong depending) and coach is a master at figuring matchups. He is certainly the best at adjustments and X&Os we have had in a long, long time.

I am also amazed at how he has gotten this diverse group to buy in. You could tell today how much fun they were having playing defense. That is a major coaching achievement. For example, Vance had not been getting playing time, but he did not sulk off and become a cancer to the team. He went to work on his rebounding and defense. Bingo, here comes playing time.

One other point I am hearing more and more. Sort of sound like old Hog Ball. We are going to push the tempo and play fast, but under control. If you jog on the court, you will sit down. We are going to run, and these players are just lapping it up.

LSU will present a different set of problems and matchups. I highly doubt they can go down there and beat them by 30 or 20. They will do well to win at all, but I feel much better about their chances than I did a few days ago. For certain, Coach Muss will have the best possible game plan.

I can’t wait to see Tate or Devo take on Cam Thomas. Definitely gonna be must see TV!

That is for sure the matchup to watch. Cam Thomas hasn’t seen a shot he won’t take.

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Thomas appeared to have rolled his right ankle tonight. He didn’t play the rest of the game. He was really hobbled walking to the dressing room. I hope he’s OK. I want to watch us compete against the best.

I feel the Missouri game was an aberation. Our team looked stunned and silenced by the absence of Smith. I don’t feel the five we fielded against UGA are our optimal starters, but without Smith they could be. Tough relearning your team and role mid season, especially with all the newbies.

The growth of our freshmen has been impressive. Coming into this season, Moody had the reputation that his play was not a big surprise. He has been solid and seems to be improving as he adjusts to SEC play. The play of Davis and Williams has been surprising. Davis’ defense is solid and he has shown the ability to make 3’s and score off the bounce. Williams rebounding and post defense are very good for a freshman. He also can score. Their growth gives the team depth and the ability to deal with different styles of play and the different skills of opposing players. I believe that we will win most of our games while Smith is recuperating from his surgery. When he gets back and gets some playing time, we will have a very good team with the depth and diversity to compete with all but the very best teams. And we can count on Muss to have us prepared for our opponent.

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