Since it’s Christmas, here’s the Coaching Search - Eat Crow Thread

We all had mixed emotions regarding the hiring process. Some wanted Leach, some wanted Norvell, others wanted Campbell. The common thread was spend the money and get the right head coach. I was all for Kiffin. Truth told, few wanted Sam or App St’s HC.

It’s time to eat crow. HY and BOT have done a great job getting Sam on board. He’s done a great job getting a high quality coaching staff in place. Likely beyond what any of us believed could happen.

Here’s one of my last posts prior to the hire:

If we spend $4-5 mm to get an experienced leader who can hire a great staff & bring national attention to our program, then I’m going to continue to buy 6 club seats + Jerry World and drink all the red coolaide I can find.

If we end up with a 1st time HC or young up & comer who has great potential, then I will feel like HY & BOT didn’t go all in and do what they should have done. I will not renew my seats and I will relegate myself to being a Hogfan and watch all the games from my home theater down here in Houston. I won’t carry the passion that I’ve had for 57 years. I will be passive and watch, but my interest will drift. I will always have the razorback blood but I won’t have the fire as I will feel that we didn’t give it our all.

My opinion is that only a “splash hire” has the chance to pull us out of the “ditch” that BP put us in, and that nobody else has been able to pull us out of. A young up & comer will need lots of time and patients from the Hog Nation…which it won’t be in today’s I want it now society. If we spend the money, then we can for sure say we went all in and gave it our best shot. If we don’t, then we know we settled for a bet on potential and that the PWTB are telling us to sit back and wait for the future to get better.

I’ll wait, but will be a passive watcher. I will scream and root hard for BB & Baseball (Now my favorite Hog sport). My passion for Razorback Football will wither away until the day we have something to be proud of.


So it’s time to eat crow. Time to buy my seats for the new season. Time to triple down supporting the Hogs.

What’s your eat crow story?


That’s an eat crow novel. But I don’t have any Previous Posts to eat crow on regarding this coaching hire however I can eat some of my on crow with my initial thoughts. I can & will admit that I didn’t just start doing back flips & cartwheels when SP was initially announced. My first thought was AR lowballed it after all the hype and the time it took along with HY’s famous statement “got to get this hire right”. Always been a big fan of SP & thought he should be a HC somewhere, even here but at another better time.
All of that thinking changed 180 deg when he arrived here and continues every day. I think AR nailed it, whether he was 2nd, 3rd, 4th choice I don’t know & I don’t care.
We can enjoy some crow together & have blackbird pie for desert.


I wanted the splash hire, the hire that made the rest of the conference and nation to go WOW! I was tired of being irrelevant and laughed at. Instead I got a coach who wants to restore our pride and make us all believe in him and his passion for This Job.
You don’t always get what you want but you get what you need.


While I really was taking a wait and see approach with no real strong attachments to any of the options, I must admit while admiring Pittman as a coach, I was a bit disappointed with not getting a seasoned Head Coach. But since building a staff and creating a culture are two of the biggest qualities I look for in a Head Coach, I put the lack of a Kiffin-like sizzle and media buzz reaction away, being hopeful that Pittman would handle the tasks I find critical. So far, so good.

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I really hope Sam does well. It’s a tough league to learn on the run as a new HC. I’m hopeful Coach Odom can be a real help in that regard.

Exactly how I’ve decided. I was all set to not renew and buy Stubhub tickets if I needed. They got me.

I originally thought they should keep Morris and replace OC & DC coordinators. I felt like Morris deserved to be fired but worried the impact on recruiting would be devastating. I argued coordinators did most of the coaching anyway and thought that was where they should spend resources.

After Morris was fired I was one of the few who argued for Pittman but after reading all the comments on here I decided that Leach was the way to go. I did not like a lot about Leach but felt like his offense was dynamic. I did not get Leach and that is fine because I got the type of offense that I was wanting without having to put up with craziness.

Pittman brings stability to the program. Arkansas if successful will most likely lose both coordinators because both are very well respected but Pittman is here until they burry him if he is successful. I think that is extremely important for the short term and long term success of the program.

I was wrong about not firing Morris because the positive of getting Pittman in charge greatly outweighs the negative short term impact on recruiting. At this point I am not even sure that this class of recruits may not be better than what Morris would have had. Those first signees were small in number but he got some real quality and seems to have a gift for evaluating talent necessary for SEC success.

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my OM friends are not feeling the wow effect which was ever so brief, not a long lasting effect. Pittman is growing and rolling, momentum is shifting to us as a focus. Is that important? only to recruiting. LK has been calm and careful treading lightly in Oxford so far because he is aware of all those watching.

Coach Pittman should be on the baseball team. He continues to hit homeruns with his hires. My eat crow would have to be the way I kept taking each scent that was handed to me during the search, like a bloodhound with a sinus infection. I’m thrilled with the hire, but will be even more thrilled to see the W-L record improve significantly in the coming years.

Really thought we would end up with Drinkwitz, then I kept reading all the post about home run hire if we get LK. So I jumped off the Drinkwitz fence and into the buggy with the LK crowd just to see it all fade away with the hiring of now head coach Sam Pittman who I didn’t think had a chance, Could turn out to be the gutsiest hire in Razorback history and also could change the way ADs hire coaching from here out, instead of knuckling under and paying huge salaries with even bigger buyouts. I’m firmly in the CSP corner and glad to be there as he seems to hit a home run every week compared to what we were expecting. I’ll gladly eat crow over not getting Drink or LK which is no problem as I have a special recipe for cooking crow on a pellet grill to get the flavor palatable!! Merry Christmas to all Hog fans the Razorbacks of the University of Arkansas!! WPS

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Once I came to the conclusion that Campbell was NOT coming here, I made the decision that we HAD to have Kiffin, Leach, or Norvell. If not, we would be relegated to the worst team in the SEC for years to come.

Now, I’m 100% behind Sam and wouldn’t trade him for any of the 3 named above. Maybe Campbell, but that’s pie in the sky, so out of my coach thought process now.

I was looking for that “name” established HC that we would have to pay $5M a year for. Now, I think we actually hit the jackpot. We now have the absolutely best available DC in the country for our current situation. A perfect fit. We topped that off with what appears the perfect OC and system that our program needs to get on the winning track.

In the end, we didn’t get the splash HC hire, but we got 2 splashes in our coordinators. That may prove to be just as good or better. Shades of a “possible” LSU type staff?

To summarize, I was wrong, but now I’m very happy. I’m sure some of it is the aphrodisiac smell of red kool-aid that’s in the air in Razorback land. But I also believe I’ve tried to look at the situation objectively, and it sure looks like it’s all coming together after the 2 coordinators have been hired.


That’s good ! WPS

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Wait and see
Burned too many times


Hey, I just now figured out who that is in your moniker pic. That’s the mean bully of a karate coach who got his ass kicked by Mr. Miyagi at the end of “The Karate Kid” movie?

Significance? :smiley:

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I mostly wanted Kiffin because I thought that would get us Kendal Briles and be a splashy hire.

I clearly wasn’t smart enough to hire Pittman. In fact, I remember feeling like we lost again when it leaked out that he was our leading candidate.

The hire of Pittman and the subsequent hiring of the coordinators has given Razorback fans hope and joy. Something that we’ve not had much of lately.

Merry Christmas to all!

I always was enamored with the idea of Pittman but thought there was absolutely no chance so I laid low and except a buddy of mine I never mentioned it…the day Sam was hired it dawned on me that I was walking around smiling for the first time about football in months(years)…:slightly_smiling_face:

In my opinion, Coach Pittman has won December.

Now he turns his attention to Jan. and Feb, and obviously anything he can get done in the grad transfer or in the portal.

It is going to take a big turnaround to get to a bowl next season and I am nowhere near that prediction, but I suddenly don’t rule it out like I had with the previous staff.

Arkansas should have won at least four and probably five games with better coaching and on-field decisions.


Arkansas starts 2020 2-1 or I leave the board for a month!

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Eat crow? I would have bet the farm that UA would not hire anybody with no head coaching experience.

Munch. Munch.

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Hey Jackson you stoled my line to the almighty Swine fusion in a post last week :rofl::rofl::rofl: I feel/said the same thing down to the bookmark comment Merry Christmas :christmas_tree::gift: Jackson

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