Since it is too early in the CCM era to expect miracles, let's talk about Trolls...........................

…an interesting phenomena on sports message boards. Basically a Troll is someone who is not a fan of the school that is the focus of the message board, he/she/it is someone who has a goal of some kind and who could not care less for the team or its success. You can have fans of other schools who just want to make trouble for a team they hate by agitating and disrupting the discourse as much as they can. You can have true fans who are not Trolls even though they just like to gripe or that is the only way they know how to contribute. It is just easier to be negative about any topic than it is to be positive. Negative folks can find all kinds of things to spin to be negative and, when someone tries to be positive, it is easy to find some negative twist to attack it with. Negative folks are like terrorists. They only have to succeed one time in a hundred to be a hero. Positive folks are like those in Service defending this country against terrorists. They can succeed 99 times out of a hundred tries and they will have failed in their job. But, let’s get back to Trolls.

The type of Troll that disgust me is the one trick pony agenda spewing Troll we have hanging out here since Chad Morris was hired in December. Elmo, the little “e.” He has not revealed why he is only a Chad Morris hater and could never be bothered to post here until Chad got hired. Out of several hundred posts that I have read of his, none have had any point to them other than an attack on Chad, an attack on someone Chad recruited, an attack on someone Chad hired, or a attack on someone who had something good to say about anything Chad had done in the past or present. Zero about Hog basketball, zero about Hog baseball despite us making it to 2nd in the nation, zero about Hog track, and zero about Hog football past or present unless Chad was involved in it. This kind of Troll only deserves ridicule and derision. So, we have the little “e” repeatedly spouting hate for Chad and to hell with any non-Chad-hating Razorback posts. Imagine what kind of life he must have away from the board if this is what he lives for. I wonder what is the real reason he hates Chad? It is not because he loves the Razorbacks. Maybe he just likes to hate and he just stumbled into this topic. Someday he will just go away and we won’t wonder very long at all about that. Until then, he only deserves what he spews out…hate. JMVVVVVHO

Just a reminder, take it easy on calling out other posters. It’s OK to disagree, but don’t get carried away.

Thanks for the reminder. My problem is I can’t stand haters who do nothing but hate. Never building up, just tearing down. Living to find any flaw they can in folks who are definitely not perfect but who have achieved far more than they could ever imagine achieving. Trying to denigrate others so they will feel less unimportant just makes me crazy.

I would like to point out that I am among many calling the little “e” a Troll with one of the admins, Dudley, being one of the more forceful about it.

My theory, based on reading between his lines, is that Elmo has a relative that was a scrub on a “not very good” defense at SMU and who blamed Morris and probably his emphasis on the offense for all of his failures. The little “e” has some Arkansas connections, enough to find a message board where he can try to make trouble for Morris hoping to derail any success he might achieve at Arkansas. There are many posters who would have rather had someone else for Arkansas’ head coach instead of Morris, but you don’t see them constantly attacking Morris, constantly trying to stir up negativity about him, with a total disregard for any damage to the Hog program. Just Elmo. So, if he wants to play the game that way, then I will be happy to try and expose him for the fake Razorback fan he is. If that “crosses the line” for this board, then I can live with that and will move on.

The irony is that I am one of the posters who would have rather had someone else besides Morris. I am not a fan of the rinky-dink, HUNH, gimmicky offense that Malzahn and others have popularized. They have exploited the “O-lineman 3 yards downfield without penalty on a pass quirky rule in college football” and the fact the rules allow them to “rush up to the line and snap the ball before the defense can get set” to create an aberration of football. I love the way Stanford, Wisconsin, and Georgia play football and dearly hoped CBB would bring that type of long term offensive success to Arkansas. It didn’t work so I am resigned to putting up with backyard football gimmicks, hoping for some kind of effective offense. So, I am not a Morris fan. I am a Razorback fan and I hate Trolls who will tear down our program to get their hating agenda “wet dream” accomplished. JMVVVVVVHO

I have been known to want assistant coaches heads on a platter (Basketball & Football) and I do apologize for that.

Since this is about Little E and his disdain for CCM, can we move it off the basketball board?

Sure. I guess an admin needs to do that.

Moved from basketball board.

I don’t like calling out other posters, but I think Hogmodo is onto something with little “e”

I think you guys are letting little “e” occupy too much of your time & thoughts, which may be another agenda he has since coming on the board.
He needs attention.

I have to admit that a good way for me to work off my frustration with the football program’s struggles is to meet head on the one person on this board who is thrilled about all of this because he has more ammo to use against CCM.

I have no problem with that because you are not on a one trick pony vendetta not caring if you hurt the Hogs as long as you hurt one individual. Even though you are badly wrong most of the time :sunglasses: you seem to want the best for the Hogs and I can respect that.

What makes me shake my head is when “certain posters” throw out an opinion as a FACT.

It’s beginning to be funny. Kinda…

Then fire away Hogmodo, watch your blood pressure though.