Simpson to transfer

Not sure if true but reported on another board

Rivals hoops guy posted it on Twitter, seems to be legit.

We have heard that from a source, who says that he is transferring because of Coach Anderson being fired.

Working to get in touch with the young man or his parents.

I hate to see him leave. He showed some glimpses of being a really good Guard when he was healthy.

The hogs need to get a coach hired and attempt to hold things together and start recruiting. I wish Emery Simpson would stay!

I sure hope that they have somebody lined up to come in here soon. If Hunter thought that he could get Sampson And fired Mike partly because he had him in the wings, he better get on the horse and get him here. There’s not enough time to fill a bunch of vacant roster spots if we lose more players we currently had needs anyway.

Keyshawn Embery-Simpson has entered the transfer portal, a team spokesperson confirmed: … er-portal/

Just a reminder that this doesn’t necessarily mean he is leaving for sure. He can still pull his name out or change his mind.

I suspect that is the big thing that most of the “get rid of Mike” crowd never acknowledged could likely happen. Fertita has already said, according to a post on here, that money will not be a reason for Sampson leaving, so even if Sampson and Yurachek have a pre-arranged deal, Fertita may make it a foolish thing for Sampson to go through with.

Anderson believed in playing a lot of guards. The next coach may or may not utilize a three guard line up but most coaches go with two guard lineups and Arkansas is arguably still three deep at the guard spots even if Simpson leaves. Just my opinion but I see three power forward types coming back with Chaney being the best of the three and I do not see anyone on the current roster that can handle the center position nor do I see any true small forwards who can shoot well and hold their own on the boards. Playing guys like Joe and Jones as as small forwards will get you killed on the boards. Simpson is a talented player but this team needs some bigs.