Similar to win at USC last season

We went into a hostile environment against a tough team that on paper wasn’t a great matchup and played one our best games of the season. Last year’s squad was similarly up-and-down until putting it all together at Columbia. Afterwards the only losses were to teams that advanced to the EE or better. This game will hopefully solidify this team as well. They know what they have to do to win under the most difficult of circumstances.

The offense is peaking at the right time. The ball movement has been outstanding. We’re utilizing the entire court more so than at any time this season. The rise of the bench in February, the UK game withstanding, means that we now have more weapons than at any time during the season.

The defense has been on the ascension for a few weeks, once again, the UK game withstanding. The D was terrible against UK, but, unlike in January, it looks like a hiccup instead of business as usual.

We’re playing our best basketball at the right time.

Hoping C.J. Jones got out of his funk tonight…His shooting could be really big for this team.

CJ has now shot well in 2 out of last 3 games.

C J just needs to take good shot in the flow. When he has struggled he has riches or hasn’t had his feet under him. Confidence is all the young man needs!
I sure am proud the man had a good night
Next year the hogs will depend on him for offense and defense and more than likely for extended minutes. .

What I have always liked about CJ is that he is not afraid to shoot the ball and is ready to shoot as soon as he comes in and shoots it on instinct most of the time. Base makeup of a shooter.

This could be the win that pushes us over the top emotionally. I love it when CJ shoots well, allows the 3 SR guards to get rest and his own defense improves. He looks more comfortable and productive in a Zone.

One cool thing about CJ is that as soon as he makes one, no matter how long it takes, a downpour is likely to happen. He’s conscience challenged, which is a good quality for a shooter.