Simeon Blair - great article from Bob Holt

Sorry if this article has already been posted on here. I just saw it this morning.

Watching the game yesterday, I kept hearing the announcers mention Simeon Blair. I was thinking, who is Simeon Blair? I guessed the announcers just had the name and number mixed up. Then I found Bob’s article this morning.

Simeon’s story is a great story of effort and perseverance as presented in Bob’s article below. I love to read stories about Arkansas walk-ons who have earned scholarships and become starting Razorback football players!

And as in the first game, he let a potential Interception go thrush is hands

He has made plays and has been in position. If he keeps being in position he will get a pick!

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Yes. There are reasons DBs are DBs and not WRs. The main reason is pass catching skills. Especially in high school and college.

The two catches Fouche made were as good as any our WR’s will make this year. The first to keep his feet in bounds and the second reaching backwards. Top Shelf hands.

Foucha :grinning:

Good to see a Pine Bluff young man earn that scholarship. I think it is great that Sam pulled him in alone to give him the news. No social media and such. Sam said that is not his style plus he understands there are 34 other kids that want that scholarship. I like Sam better every day.

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