Silver lining: Starkel

I mean wow, no comparison.


He throws a prettier ball, but the results are still the same 50% completion percentage and 0 points.

I thought I saw where he was 17/24 with a TD.

I think they stayed with Hicks way too long.

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For some reason I thought he was 17 of 34. You gonna beat your chest over a TD in garbage time?

No I think it was 17/24. Check the box score! Starkel should have started and played the whole game.


yeah much better arm and gets the ball out much quicker which is important as bad as the OL is

Also his passing could actually help the running game by spreading the defense.

Hicks got replaced last year at smu. Starkel looked much better.

We’re splitting misery hairs here, but during the first half I thought we might go 1-11this year.

During the second half I was thinking maybe we can actually surpass last year’s total.

Starkel completed 17 of 24 passes for 201 yards and a touchdown. If not for the mistake by Treylon Burks covering up Grayson Gunter, you could add another touchdown to his total. That play changed the game. I thought Starkel made this offense look close to as advertised for the first time since Morris and Craddock arrived.


So, he would have been 18/24 for 239 and 2 TD’s correct?

We still lost the game and it’s still on CCM.

I think it is encouraging that they seem committed to playing the younglings. That is the only chance this team has long term is playing the kids.
They should grow a lot in the next two weeks. I hope they stick with Starkel and ditch that nightmare of a Wild Hog offense. They aren’t good enough running standard plays to waste time and effort getting cute.
First get to where you can block a running play and protect your QB for more than two seconds and then maybe you can get cute. I absolutely hated the play calling tonight and the coaches need to reevaluate.
I would like to add one thing, for the first time in half a decade we appear to have a punt returner. Burks seems to have the instincts of a punter return rather than a punt catcher. He is going to be an exciting player once he learns to get open frequently and the offensive line starts getting it.
The next two weeks will tell a lot.

Not exactly. You would have to adjust for the passing yardage he had on the next play to C.J. O’Grady, plus take into account that the complexion of the game (and the play calling) would have probably been different had it been tied 10-10.

I went by the play by play, it said he only threw one pass after that on that particular drive. The one to O’Grady, a completion replaced by a TD completion. Not sure the yardage difference, think maybe 12 vs 38.

Starkel gives me hope. Hicks never did. From watching the scrimmage to game one it was apparent he was not the answer. First half last night just seemed to clich it. 2 years of Starkel and then KJ or Lil Morris.

You know Starkel looked good last night, but didn’t last week.

Last year Storey looked really good coming in after Kelley started, then he didn’t.

I’m not saying Starkel isn’t the best option (to me he was very effective last night and gave me hope for possibly winning more than the non conference games), but we’ve seen a QB look good and he was the answer, only for him to not be the answer

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