Silver lining/positive spin reaction to Sunday’s loss

Of course, the bad news is that we lost and lost big… But the good news is that when you take a step back and look at yesterday (game one) and today’s game, we have consistently hit their pitching pretty solidly and hard in both games… even most of the outs were barreled up pretty well.

Obviously, Ole Miss was more effective and efficient today with when their hits occurred, but part of that was because we helped them on a lot with several walks, hit batters, poor fielding, etc.…

To state the obvious, our pitching was very poor and lost the game for us today. If we get any kind of decent pitching for game three, there is reason to be optimistic that our offense will outscore them… Even today, we got as many hits as they did… And yesterday we got a lot more than they did… There’s every reason to believe we will hit them and score several runs in Monday’s game… The key will be if we can get just somewhat-affective pitching. And beside Wicklander, we have a rested Scroggins, Kostyshock, Cronin, and don’t discount the fact that Noland may be able to come and get some degree of redemption by pitching one, two or even three innings tomorrow if the situation arises where that might be needed. He only threw 20 pitches today…

Yes, it’s easy to be discouraged after a loss like today’s. But the big picture still is not desperate. And these young people (players) typically bounce back a lot better than us old foggies do; heck, just look how old Miss bounced back after the throttling we gave them yesterday! And they’re (players) the ones that matter most.

We lost game two of the super last year too. Then won the next five games. The sky is not falling, Ray.

Arkansas’ last three trips to Omaha have all come via Game 3 wins in the super regional - at Baylor in 2012, vs. Missouri State in 2015 and vs. South Carolina last year. These are not supposed to be easy.

And, Vandy lost their first game worse than ours today - 18-5. They won the next 2. We got this. Kjerstad is going to break out of his slump. We’re the better team.

it will be interesting to see how we approach their Pitcher tomorrow,He has low to mid 90’s FB but threw 75% CB at us in Hoover and had us eating out of his hand(very similar to the guy who totally shut us down the last 4 inn today).Hoglund started almost everybody off with a CB which we took and he got ahead and threw some out of the zone and we chased them only got 3 hits in 6 inn off him…I would love to see us be looking for it and go up their ready to blast it b/c alot of them were right down the middle.


And, Vandy lost their first game worse than ours today - 18-5. They won the next 2. We got this. Kerstadt is going to break out of his slump. We’re the better team.

[/quote] would be nice to see Kjerstad make an appearance

The adversity will make us a better team at the CWS…

The game today will be different than any other game played this year because it is the first potential season ending game. How well the teams respond to that added pressure is going to be very interesting and likely the key to a win. Both have excellent offensive teams but which freshman starter can survive the early innings will be huge. Arkansas has not used their best three relief pitchers and look to be in good shape if they can get 4 or 5 out of their young lefty.

yes. And we need our offense to perform well today. I don’t know how many runs it will take to win, but I’d like to get 8 or more.

I’m personally pretty composed about this game today.

I think Wick steps up for us in a big way. He doesn’t have to bring his best stuff, he just has to be good and last atleast 5. I think he gets that done for us. We will find out if he rises to the occasion, and I think we will have several of our guys show up. I think Heston will, he’s too good not to.

Todays game IMO rests on how well Wick pitches if he gives a solid 5-6 and less than 3 runs I think we will be fine…looking to see if we make the adjustments that need to be made agianst their Pitcher who fooled us all day long in hoover with a CB…Go up there banging guys he got away with a lot of hangers on 1st pitch and we took them