What is the status of Desi Sills. If I got his name wrong, I apologize. What class is he in?

Correct on the name.

2018 class (HS JR)

All I’ve seen of him, from the videos on this board, he looks like a fantastic player.

Desi can play the one or the two. He’s a very intense defender and will not backdown from anyone.

He makes other guys play harder because he only knows one speed.

Thanks, Richard!
Is Desi in our class for 2018?
I might have missed it, but I haven’t seen his name mentioned in our 2018 class.

Yes, 2018.

Good to hear! Thanks! … ent=safari

Thanks, Dudley.
Looking forward to seeing him in a Hog uniform.
Do you see Desi as a true PG?

He is more of a combo guard right now as ASU signee Marquis Eaton plays the point for Jonesboro right now.

But he will be the point guard next year and his head coach Wes Swift believes that is where Jonesboro head coach Wes Swift thinks he will play in college. That is my thought as well.

Thanks for the feedback! Always look forward to hearing what you have to say.