Has done nothing offensively. End of last year he was hitting threes, this year bricks so far

He’s got 7 in a low scoring game. It’s OK output. Isn’t making threes though, but that will come. We know he can shoot the rock.

But he is doing so many other things better.


Started the same way last yr just needs to see a few go in and he will be fine, meanwhile he is attacking the basket. And that’s never a bad thing

Desi is a gamer! He makes plenty of plays and makes a huge difference.
Assist, rebounds, steals and points. He has the heart of a lion and plays like one as well!

He is playing like a power forward on the boards and is a nightmare on defense for whoever he is guarding. Setting the tone for effort and grit. His shot will start falling.

If I remember correctly, last year Desi scored when Arkansas needed scoring. He will be there when opponents try to shut down Joe and Jones. No worries.

I LOVE Desi Sills. What a baller that kid is. Contributes every second he’s on the floor. All heart.

Most aggressive player on our team. Hard nose and not scared of anything. I love the kid!

Sills is a scrappy, tough kid. He does anything he can to win. He doesn’t have good shooting touch or particularly good form, but he does most everything well for a guy his size.

His energy sets the tone for this team and with the lack of size, we will need it in every game… fearless is a good name for him mentioned earlier.