You can LOL all you want, but I stand by my comments on Desi. I did not compare his talent level to Alvin, who was 6-4amd the best defensive player I have seen at Arkansas.

I said he had components of Alvin’s game.

I was asked what former Razorback I would compare him with.

I trust my eyes on that having been on Coach Sutton’s staff at the time and have seeing every practice and every game that Alvin had as a Razorback and having seen Desi play some 50 high school and AAU games.

I noted that he has the same defensive intensity, the same will to win, the same penchant for making winning plays in the clutch.

I also said that he does not do any one thing great, but does a multitude of things very well.

The biggest thing is he is just a winner on the court - another thing Alvin had in his pocket.

Having watched Desi in the State Finals for two years and in AAU basketball, I agree with your take. He has some intangibles that people cannot see until he goes against top competition.

Daddy loved watching Alvin play. Daddy was a proud, longtime resident of Neosho, MO. He met Alvin someplace (I think it was at a golf event) and mentioned Crowder College to Alvin. I guess that Alvin was not proud of having attended Crowder since he turned on his heel and walked away.

Whenever Alvin’s name comes up, I always remember one of SeattleHog’s blog posts: Rage Alvin Rage

Desi’s all-around ability (as described by various folks here) reminds me of Cory Beck, although his physical stature may not. But Cory was one of those solid defenders, with a good all-around but not great at anything offensive game.

Any good team can use a few of those type guys, especially when you do have other folks to score, rebound, etc.

What you actually said was:
“At this point I would say a shorter Alvin Robertson, who was 6-3. Speed is amazing, great athleticism, attacks the rack, great defender and just out-toughs you.”

I don’t have any problem comparing current players to former greats, just to get a point of reference. Heck, Ibby kind of reminds me of Hakeem with the way he looks and moves, but I know he is not, and probably never will be, 1/10 the player. I just don’t see amazing speed, great athleticism, a rim attacker or a great defender out of Sills. I thinks he’s probably reasonably tough and sturdy, but I don’t think he will stand out at all physically. Jonathan Adams from that same high school team was way more athletic, IMO, and I could actually see an Alvin comparison there. With Sills, I just don’t see it. If nothing else, I’m now more interested to see how he looks once he gets on the court.

I see him as “THE GUY” you put on the opponents best guard (scoring threat) to bother, disrupt, disturb, vexate irritate, annoy, aggravate, hassle in hopes of frustrating that player…I see him as Robert Sheppard with Clint Mcdaniel’s tendencies.

Alvin is still the only NBA guard ever to have a quad double; points, boards, assists, and steals. IMO, he’s a very close 2nd to Sidney as the best defensive guard as both a Razorback and an NBA player.