Sills' underdog mindset defined his offseason

Three simple words defined Desi Sills’ offseason: Bet on you.

On him attacking the summer months with an underdog mentality and aiming to show out as a junior:

nice article, thanks for the holiday work!

I watched the game with my cousin, huge michigan state fan, we were both very impressed with Sills. He could not get over Connor, when he hung on the rim, his feet were about 4 inches off the ground. My cousin kept thinking that connor was going to miss those 3’s, and was overall amazed at how tall he is.

we both agreed that Coach Izzo would LOVE Desi Sills. just a bulldog, nonstop energy, hustle, no fear, just attacking every second on the court. Nolan would have loved Desi. Eddie would have loved Desi.

gonna be a fun year!


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