Silent Committ Speculation?

Sorry folks if this has been covered elsewhere already, but I think I read about a possible silent flip commit? Who are we talking about?

I am truly sorry if I missed it posted already but work has been slamming me this past 2 weeks with cold & flu season kicking in.

Hudson Henry mentioned the recruiting tweets he was getting from the other commits. You know they are doing the same thing with any commits elsewhere who might flip, like maybe a 4* offensive tackle at Camden Fairview.

If we could somehow get Wilkins, Thomas or both to reconsider their commitment status to Oklahoma and Ole Miss and eventually decide to stay at home they could truly turn this into a special recruiting class.
Hope the coaches are still connecting with these guys as well as the current players and recruits.

Go Hogs!

Arkansas has three that you could call silent.

Hmm, I know of two, but I could probably guess #3.

That is more cool than the other side of the pillow!

As good as this class is, I hope some of these silent commits are OL.

Thomas won’t happen. Arkansas wasn’t very high on him.

Don’t expect Wilkins either. I’ve said it before there’s more to this than meets the eye. Will explain at some point.

Do any of those silent commits go to the same school?

Uh huh

Interesting. I hope it is OL.

BTW, for those are interested, I had a Silent Release last night, though not a commit. It drew complaints from the wife and the little dog under the covers, however. :smiley:

Folks need to lighten up a bit.

Go Hogs!!!

Carter and Bush are the easy silents to name. Personally I think Kelly Bryant is a silent commit. Will be very, very shocked if he doesn’t commit after next weekend.

Is that “more to this than meets the eye” concerning Wilkins (who they appear to be still recruiting since I think he is scheduled to OV later this season) or is there someone else out there that you think will be a pleasant surprise?

It sounds like our coaches may not be willing to play games with Wilkins. He is all Sooner on social media, his high school coach is also all Sooner.