Silent commits?

Did I read right on another thread that we have 2 silent commits? If so, do we know when they plan on announcing and if it’s before early signing period? Again, I may have misread and if so I do apologize. Thanks for any information!

Yes sir…we have 2 according to RD. I am thinking one signs in early period if not both but will let RD or DD answer that.

If one of them is Catalon then he won’t sign until February.

Yes, there are two silent commits.

That’s from Arkansas recruiting coordinator Taylor Edwards. He was quoted in one of Richard’s recent stories.

As for when they will announce and/or sign, that’s up to them.

Awesome! Thanks for the info! Dudley, would you consider them big time commits?

I don’t feel comfortable giving any thing away.

That’s understood. Thanks

The two come from this list : Catalon, G Brooks, and the PA Juco linemen. Pretty sure the first two.

Can you really consider a silent commit a commit? Either you are committed or your not. If it is silent then that basically just means we are in the lead but is not a commitment.

Is a silent commit different than a secret commit? I’m hoping for a silent but deadly commit. Someone who will really knock our socks off. Maybe that TE prospect in Jacksonville Fla is finally ready to be a Hog. Come on down Lonnie!

When you get down to it a commit is never a commit.
Not in the sense of what that word means in recruiting.
It’s more like an “expect”

I think these kids mean it when they “commit” but since there are no penalties for changing your mind, they are free to do so.

You are never committed until you sign, and even then it’s still revocable with conditions.

It’s all word play

I am not sure why people don’t quite understand silent commits, a person makes a plan and decides that on this date of significance I am going to announce my choice, it’s all planned. At some point before that I decide where I am going to commit, I do not want to change my planned announcement date or time.

Why is it so important to have a planned announcement date and time? If you have found the school for you you commit.

No penalties for the kid but sure can put a school in a bind… You’ve already spent time, money, resources for a position/need that you thought you had filled now you have to redeploy and backfill and spend more time, money, resources…

Just one example, one of the DL knew and had informed the coaches he was coming in September, but he was determined to wait and announce on his father’s Birthday 10-23, that was important to him.

The reason a lot of kids commit is because of the pressure put on them by the different coaches at the various schools. They are being pressured to come, and it is not easy sometimes to avoid being persuaded to commit even if they truly haven’t made up their mind. Some kids want to “silent commit” because they don’t want to put up with the negativity of choosing a school their classmates or friends or adults don’t like.

Some kids are “committed” until they find a better deal, then opt for the perceived better deal.

I remember when I was a senior in high school. I didn’t put much thought into going to college. I didn’t even really want to go. I would have rather stayed in high school, but it just doesn’t work that way. You gotta move on. Trying to handle being pressured where to go would be even tougher for most of us. Most kids in high school are trying to figure out how to get a girl or get a ride or get a car. College is not in the forefront. Most seniors in high school are only 17 in the fall of their senior year.

Going through that recruiting process is not easy for a lot of kids, I would think.