Silent commits?

Do we still have 2 silent commits?


Well that clears the air in regards to Catlon and KB!

Doesn’t mean that there isn’t 1, or 3 silent commits. Just no to 2.

Atleast that’s the optimistic view.

Could there be 1 left?

You made a valid point. I hope they have a silent commit from KB. I hope Brooks will come on board. It appears Caitlin’s teammates are working on him. This whole class is trying to convince other players to come to Arkansas that’s special.

There’s still one silent commit left. My bet is on Catalon. In another thread, DD said he will “publicly announce his commitment” in Jan. I think that’s saying it without saying it.

KB is announcing his choice on December 4. That is the same day that Coach Chad Morris has a birthday. Is it a coincidence? Is he going to give Coach Morris a nice birthday gift? :shock:

My birthday, too. Would be a GREAT birthday present!!

No hidden meaning.

It means he will have a public press conference in Jan. - nothing more, nothing less.

Will you attend… :sunglasses:

Or go on vacation??