Silas Robinson

is in the portal.

Did he ever get on the field in the two years he was here?

Good luck to him.

I have no problem at all with players who haven’t played & don’t have a realistic shot at playing entering the portal. It’s best for everyone when that happens

Yes and No.

If they just aren’t going to play here, then I fully agree with your comment, NEA. But many a third year RS sophomore who has not played goes on to blossom and be a contributor his last 2 years . . . maybe when a really good player in front of them graduates. Sometimes it just takes the opportunity to play to have “the light come on”.

Don’t know which case it is here. Just wish the kid good luck.

True, but that’s why I said “and don’t have a realistic shot at playing.” I didn’t mean to include those who have a strong upside, but just haven’t played yet because they were slower to develop. I have no idea if Robinson fits that category or not. Linemen are less likely to contribute much as freshmen & sophs than WR’s & RB’s are.

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