Signing times for targets and commits

S Donovan Johnson- Wednesday 9:30 am
DE Blayne Toll- Wednesday 11 am in Cancun
OLB Catrell Wallace- Wednesday noon
DE Jashaud Stewart- Wednesday 1
OL Ray Curry - Wednesday 1:30
DB Myles Slusher- Wednesday 2, could announce decision earlier
Ath Darin Turner- Thursday 12:30

Do you still feel good about Henderson?

Youda, if we get Ray Curry - you can take it to the bank!

Richard, can you pin this post at the top please? Thanks


I think that would be great to get them both but saw where he supposed to be visiting Bama and Richard said he would likely be ours if Bama was filled up and made me kinda throw up a little bit of a red flag.

Changed Toll’s time. Evidently the location where he wants to sign his NLI is an hour and a half drive from the resort. Must be beautiful.

Maybe he’s signing from the Mayan ruins at Chichen Itza. That would be way cool.

That was me.

Oh that’s right. Sorry about that Richard

Did we ever have a chance to flip Chris Morris, the OG out of West Memphis who is committed to Tex A&M? I see on the ESPN 300 list that he is the top rated recruit from Arkansas, with only two others listed–Criswell and Toll.

No. A&M or Ole Miss.