Signing day

KK Robinson, Vance Jackson and Jalen Tate will sign tomorrow.

Jaylin Williams and Moses Moody are still working on a date.

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RD, any surprises expected?

Not at this time. Haarm is the one to watch but I expect him to make a decsion in a week or so.

Who? The one who opened back up?

March what or who u talking about?

RD why do you think they are still working on a date,they have had a long time to get that squared away,do you think Williams is waiting to see what Harms does??Does Moody like the Jackson Commit?

Brain fart, was thinking of Duncan Powell, but he’s a 2021 recruit. I read it wrong.

Thanks for the reply

I wouldn’t worry. Like I said in a post the other day, everything I hear makes me say that.

ok just curious as to why they haven’t already had a date…Thanks

It will play out like you hope. I promise.

Sounds Great… Thanks

KK just tweeted this


Hmmmmm, wonder what??

Monday, is his Dad’s birthday



Oh my doesthat emoji mean Senor Davenport has something up his sleeve?!

You think Haarms is seriously considering us? Several bluebloods on his list.

I don’t know if you’ve heard but there’s a quarantine happening and it’s hard to get a gathering together…