Signing Day on the Hill updates

I’m at the Signing Day on the Hill event in Springdale. I’ll post anything interesting here.

Chad Morris had all of his coaches and administrative staff stand in front of the stage and introduce themselves. John Chavis was near the end of the line, and once he got the mic said, “Chief. I teach linebackers and coordinate the defense.” Short, sweet and kinda funny.

Chad Morris said Rakeem Boyd will wear No. 5. He’s told Rakeem that there’s a lot that comes with wearing the number, and expects him to follow suit.

DB signee Joseph Foucha was the next to last player to get his paperwork in. Morris really likes how explosive Foucha is when he’s around the football.

Andrew Parker and his mother came up and fell in love with Fayetteville and the program. Parker’s high school doesn’t have a practice field. The team has to go to a park to practice, Morris said.

Morris is asked by a young fan if Cole Kelley is his main quarterback.

“We’ve seen a lot of guys working really hard. Guys have talked about Cole’s leadership and making an impact in the time he’s been here. … If he can move the chains we’ll all be happy.”

Good Info Scottie…keep those cards & letters coming!!!