Significance Of AR win over TX

Over the past few years AR has been tagged as a team that can’t win away from home; at least enough to get them to post season tournaments. After the Minnesota game, again doubtful with the same thoughts. We know this team has depth of play-makers. The closest to a star is Dusty Hannahs who can keep the team in the game until other get going. This year’s team has several play makers and enough big guys that makes up for Moses, when he is out of synch. Again, on the road we shot only 36%. But AR showed poise by not panicking, shared the ball, and made free-throws (29/31). AR won the game at the line (TX: FT 19/32}. The significance of this win is that AR now knows they can go away from comfort of home and win against a power five team.

It is exactly the opposite to what you say in the very first sentence. Arkansas was tagged that way until few years ago. A few years ago (2014-15), that all changed when that team won 7 on the road. We should no longer carry that tag, unless this team makes it a two year streak.

Nothing against Dusty. He is a downright gem. But he isn’t the closest to being a star on this team. There are several closer than is Dusty. I might have said that he was last year but not this year.

the best thing about this team is moses is still out star player and he hadnt evev got going yet. not a lot of teams have a 6’10 shot blocjrt that can make free throws. feed the beast and we going deep in March.

“won 7 on the road”? Here is last three years records: 2015-16 Home: 12-5; Road: 3-8 & 1-3 Neutral site.
2014-15 Home 14-4, Road 3-11 ( that is 11 losses a year away the past two years). 2013-14 Home 17-2; Road 6-5. I was unable to get all because AR site must be under update and 247 sports did not have all.

We still carry that tag because people don’t educate themselves. There is no harder sport in which to win a road game than college basketball.

A big reason for that is shaky, inconsistent officiating.

There just aren’t many teams that win a ton on the road. And, the ones that do are top 10-15 type programs.

But, people (including media) regurgitate it over and over without context and it becomes truth.

Then, when we are one of the better road teams in the league as we were in 2014, it barely makes a blip on the radar and it’s assumed to be what should be normal.

I think you generally have to be about 10 pts better than the opponents (on the whole) to consistently win road games.

You just typically aren’t going to get calls, are going to be in foul trouble, get outshot a lot at the FT line and not shoot as well from the floor as you do at home.

And, it’s that way for most teams.

But, because that became our narrative a few HCs ago and we usually have a very good/borderline homecourr advantage, it has stuck.

Don’t know where you got your 2014-15 stats, but they are wrong. We were 6-3 on the road in the SEC. We were 1-2 on the road in OOC, with the win at ranked SMU. We were a very good road team that year.

Posts like his prove my point. It’s just totally uninformed and it only takes about 10 seconds to stop and realize a team that didn’t lose 11 games total all year didn’t lose 11 road games in 2014.

We beat Texas and our KenPom ranking moved up one spot. Sheesh.

Any team that wins 40%+ of their road games has probably had a very successful campaign unless something strange has happened. Our defending NC team with everybody returning lost 5 road/neutral games before the NCAAT, three of them by 14+ points. Most teams are going to get blown out on the road at least a few times. What needs to happen is to give yourself a chance to win in about 75% of them and to get a W in about half of those. If you do that, you are probably in the NCAAT.

I wouldn’t have expected much change on Pomeroy. Offensive and defensive efficiency were pretty mediocre (77 points in 74 offensive possessions; 74 in 74 defensive). And Texas isn’t good enough to move the SOS needle much (#75 in Pom). We got Texas to play a little bit faster than they’ve been playing, which may relate more to the tactics of their opponents; tempo was actually a little faster than our adjusted average as well.

I usually use AR’s official site. At this time they are showing only current year 2016 and 2015. I had to dig in 247 sports. How accurate, I don’t know. This is what they show for 2014: Road losses to I. St, Clemson, TN, FL, KY, and Home losses to O. Miss & LSU. That was a good road year. we won SMU, GA, MO, AU, O. Miss, M. ST. overall 6-5. If AR site was working, it would not have caused confusion. 247 doesn’t include the first 4 games. Also it doesn’t break it down.

I figured you had difficulty in getting those numbers. No problem. BTW, you are still a bit off. Harley’s numbers are right. We were 7-5 on the road that year. I am looking at the media guide and that is what it shows,

Click here for the record from 2014-2015 in a PDF.
To find the records by year, check out the Stats page: here

Also use the site It will give you most information you are looking for on Razorback basketball history.

ESPN goes back the last 15 years. Just click on the year tab. … ule/_/id/8

Thanks everyone for your pointer on research source. I’ll go and check these out to see what I can find simple and useful. The AR site at this time only show this year’s and last years. Anything beyond is 00.

No, if you go to the link (on the official Arkansas site) that I provided, you will find links to PDFs that show the information that you want. Try it, you’ll like it!

When you say he hasn’t even got going, are you just talking about points? He’s certainly above or equal to his averages in every other statistical category.

Yes his offensive game. He has MVP potential. I haven’t seen him dunk a lob pass all year, or make a hook shot. If he gets those tools going like he had last year, he can’t be stopped.