Significance of A&M Game

The defense should improve if for no other reason they have one more year of experience and maturity. I believe Chavis is a big step up and we may be better by seasons end but I don’t look for it in early Sec play,maybe when we’re playing the non-con games we will see some flashes. I’m not throwing shade on your thoughts I’m just not going to buy into the thought that we will get better over night, and I consider January to August over night. I hope so much that our defense is a beast and our O-line shoves teams around like a bully on the play ground and time will tell as we grow closer everyday. Can’t wait for season to get here, I’m ready to start a new chapter in Razorback football and s return to being a contender ! WPS

i see us beating vandy and ole miss, also i believe we will get an upset win this year

I doubt we will be favored in either game. If we win it will be an upset.

Upsets indeed

Athlon’s has us ranked 14 in the SEC, 7 in the West, and 74 in the country. In terms of P5 teams ahead of only Kansas, Illinois, Virginia, and Oregon State.

Will we finish 74th…sure as Hell hope not, but this is a clear indicator of our brand appeal and the national perception of where CMM is starting from.

Thank you Jeffie and Big Bret.