Significance of A&M Game

Much has been said about CMM’s ability to recruit TX and we all know the difficulty the last staff had in recruiting the state.

I have to think losing to A&M six straight times has badly damaged the brand down there. That said, other than beating Alabama which is of course very unlikely, beating the Aggies would go along way in starting to change perceptions in TX and jump starting TX recruiting efforts.

I see some hopeful signs… what will A&Ms psyche be like after what figures to be tough days at the office with Clemson and Alabama?

Motivation -you know CMM as an Aggie grad will have the team ready to play and Chavis will come in with a chip on his shoulder.

So we’ll be highly motivated… but…do we have enough horses? The teams were even after 60 minutes last year? Has the gap widened since then?

Somewhat like the SMU series in the 90’s when Arkansas was trying to get back to their winning ways.

How proficient we are in the new system will tell the story, I believe we have the talent to win but have a lot of work to get done. WPS

Good point and I remember how good it felt to get the SMU monkey off our back in 1998 with a beat down in LR. A win in Arlington would go along way in exorcising some demons of the last few years.

Would definitely be a shot in the arm.

A victory in the A&M game would definitely be a boost, but it’s going to be interesting to see how well Jimbo has his team ready for Clemson and Alabama. If CCM can get the best of Jimbo in the first game, maybe that will be a sign of better days ahead. It ought to open recruiting doors in Texas, but at this point, every game has significance for recruiting.

FWIW it makes my stomach hurt to type this. I can’t stand Aggies.

A&M has significantly recruited more talented players than Arkansas over the last 6 years. The theory goes they played down because of how bad Sumlin was.

Do you really think Jimbo will be worse? He at least has a track record of what he can do when he has very talented players.

Arkansas lost the best players on offense. The defense was one of the worst in the nation. We do not have significantly new players starting.

I don’t see this team winning any SEC game. We certainly won’t be favored in any SEC game.

If by some miracle we win 1 or 2 SEC games CCM should be coach of the year. If he can sign a top 20 class, he should recruiter of the year.

Just my opinion, but I think he can get some recruits this year. In the long run he may turn this around, I just don’t see anything for this year.

Not going to get any easier playing aTm next year or the coming years. They already have more talent than us.
Then compare their coach upgrade to ours. Let’s hope CCM can pull a rabbit out.

Perception can be a funny thing.

If you look at this losing streak - longest we’ve ever had to the Aggies - at face value, it’s pretty depressing. And that’s what almost everyone outside of Arkansas will do - just see that “has won six straight” and think nothing more about it. Even among our own fans, that’s all most see.

And I get it - W’s and L’s are what the game is about, ultimately.

But . . . the reality is that we not only “easily could have”, but probably should have won 2 if not 3 of those games. We frittered them away more than A&M won them. My point? I’m just wondering if we would have all of this dialogue and analysis about how the Aggies have passed by us if we’d won those 2-3 games, as we should have and so nearly did? Get what I’m saying . . . I’m not talking about IF the personnel were different on either team, or IF we’d recruited better, etc. If we had these two programs - exactly as they were/are, with us closing out the games we had “won” (before we squandered them) - and I don’t think people are jumping off buildings about A&M like they are now.

Heck - we may still have Bret if that had happened. The perception of where we are (with the same personnel) would be greatly different, had we not let those games get away from us.

But we did, and so here we are.

There may be some truth to this. Win the two overtime games that were lost to A&M, win the two games at the end of the 2016 season and a 11-29 SEC record turns into a 14-26 record (still unacceptable, but buffered by a more respectable 9-4 record in 2016). Even the 2016 game with A&M, which we lost 45-24, was tied at 17-17 at the half and was winable (10-3 had we won). Now, that’s revisionist history and the truth is we lost all those games, the previoius staff is gone, but the players are pretty much the same, given the graduation factor and transfers of other players. Winning those games would at least make us feel like we could beat A&M. They are not that much better than we are. We’ll see for sure this coming fall.

Good post, we were in several of those games but couldn’t get over the hump which is one of the reasons CBB is gone. We all heard many times that they were close and we were but for some reason could not keep from shooting our selves in the foot and with the lack of depth we were gutted by the third quarter. It’s my hope that CCM and staff can push these guys over the hump and get us trending up, but we have to keep in mind it’s not going to happen overnight. WPS

Said it when it happened and will say it again… AM coming into the SEC was a huge Arkansas negative and has hurt us in so many ways having much to do with our lack of recruiting success in Texas. They have a better coach now that has a Saban attitude of instilling fear of failure in the ranks. I didn’t say he is as good as Saban but definitely an upgrade. They do however have the same install issues on both sides of the ball as the Hogs so there is hope, but hope never has anything to do with a game outcome. The West got an upgrade in coaching for both AM and Arkansas, and as usual it will come down to recruiting although we haven’t done very well against AM… but then that hope thing is still hanging around.

I don’t want to hear close! That’s just a comp out for not being able to hold a lead late. The hogs should have won the last 3 games against A&M. In the last few games against them I came to the conclusion that it’s only a matter of time before something stupid happens and we get beat! That really has been the story since the Belk Bowl. The offense scored plenty of points to win. But couldn’t get the first downs required to win. Sometimes it was caused by not going for the points in drives to win. When you think about bend don’t break these were games the defense BROKE!!!
Those days need to end! I would be willing to say opposing defense will have to worry about the next snap they will no longer be able to pin their ears back to go at the end of the play clock. They would be able to rest between plays. It is time for the team to learn a new offense and tempo that will make them just as explosive as any team in college football! Winning is what helps with recruiting. The blowout losses also need to be gone as well!

Coach Morris and his staff should get a pass on a few games this year as far as wins and losses go but they shouldn’t get blown out!

John Chavis will have an aggressive defense and that alone would have won some games in the last few years. It’s time for our opponents to fear the pass rush again.

Crootin will pick up have faith!

We do not have a talent edge on A&M. Not even close. They recruited SEC players, but failed to coach them. They now have a coach. We have an unproven coach who I hope will be good. He talks a good game, but takes more than that in the SEC.

Bottom line, A&M has much more and better talent, and certainly equal if not better coaching. What does that spell? Does not mean it will not happen, but it will be difficult.

I actually think a&m will be really good this year. I think they will compete with Alabama and Auburn for the sec west.

If we beat them they will write a new chapter in the king james bible where the miracle of Arlington will be shouted from the mountaintops.

Crootin is about where it’s always been, as far as Chavis having a aggressive defense that’s yet to be seen. I’m sure he wants to be aggressive but you show me a team that try’s to play aggressive and not be successful at it and I’ll show you a team that gets blown out often. We will take our lumps for awhile before we settle in to where they want to be, Chavis has shown he can field great defenses but he has also had some that were not that accomplished. What he can do at Arkansas is yet to be seen, I’m optimistic but not over confident this season. WPS

An opposing QB won’t be able to enjoy a snack and a drink and survey the field for 10 seconds and pick the secondary apart.
The defense will improve!

Texas A&M does not scare me. Jimbo Fisher does not scare me. I do not see a juggernaut there. The Aggies will screw it up.

That seems to be their MO against everybody else, but in the latest string of losses we are the ones gift wrapping the wins. Hopefully the universe will realign and A/M can return the favor in the not too distant future.

So true! Pulley and Co will be able to play press coverage to stop the quick pass. Opposing QB’s have had an easy out to throw a quick pass before the pass rush had a chance to make ANY impact. The pass rush will have time to get close to the QB. The defense should be better. As far as recruiting goes, Arkansas kids are usually under-rated so it is tough to completely compare our recruits to A&M.