Signee Reggie Chaney and 2019 G Jahmius Ramsey

IMG defeats Findlay Prep at the Chick -Fil-A Classic. ESPN National Director of Recruiting Paul Biancardi was court side.
Hog signee Keyshawn Embrey is still gobbled and didn’t play.

I’ve been gobbled before, it’s very painful:grinning:. Dang spell check.

How’s life in Hawaii?

Those #’s are far from exciting.

Vanover had a good game

What’s alarming is Arkansas signee Keyshawn Embrey still hasn’t logged (1) minute of PT due to injury :shock:

Chaney is averaging a near double/double this game is not indicative of his production.

Jahmius has a staggering amount of assist!

Highlights: … l-a-finals

Did not know that about Embrey. Hopefully everything works out with this class for next year. WOOO PIG!

Emery has plenty of time to get healthy.

That was a very productive 10 minutes for Connor. I have this haunting feeling that someday we may regret not signing him.

I thought I read Embery will be playing soon.

He told me that he expected to be cleared in early December.

I’ll check in on him

That kind of length is hard to teach

With limited scholarships available, you can’t sign everyone. I am betting we would have regretted not signing Chaney or Henderson or Joe or Sills or Embery or Phillips.