Sign this guy up!

Carey McLeod (long jumper) FIRES it in there!


The radar gun in the stadium clocked that at 81 mph.

And it was on the black, too!

I don’t think they play much baseball in Jamaica, and cricket bowlers lock their elbows.

Blaine Kinsley, the former strength coach, told me once that jump stats in the weight room are typically a good way to predict who will throw the hardest when the players get on the field. Jaxon Wiggins, for instance, was always great in vertical and broad jump testing.

I thought of that today when McLeod threw the ball.

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I bet Adcock was not expecting that probably burned him out LOL

I think there were some people in the dugout who were upset it was thrown that hard without warning.

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Yeah because that’s just like getting crossed up on the signals looking for a curveball and you get a heater coming at you… nothing fun about that especially on a cold day!!

Young man has some baseball background IMO. Heat…