Sign of the times

As I noted over the weekend, I’m staying with my parents in Bryant. They no longer subscribe to the ADG because they didn’t want to deal with the iPad edition, but they continue to take the Saline Courier which still prints the news on dead trees.

I’ve noticed that when the Courier has a story inside on the Hogs they tend to put that in the banner on page 1. The logo they use for that promo is Front Facing Hog. I cringe every time I see it.

I was born in Benton, left in 58 and Bryant was a wide spot on the highway. Bauxite was a larger town and ALCOA and Reynolds had huge plants in Saline County, the Courier was the Benton Courier and the Democrat and Gazette were two differeent newspapers. Time marches on.

The front facing Hog is an abomination IMO.

We love Benton and lived there 8 years. Our girls spent their Middle and HS years there. Some of our best friends in this world are there. We called it Mayberry USA.

Did they give the iPad a chance? I ask because you might recall that I posted about Matt Zimmerman’s 88 year old father loving the iPad. He’s never sent an email or text message.

They said they didn’t want to pay $400 a year for it.

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The subscription is very expensive. I take it, but I can get the NY Times & WAPO for a fraction of the cost. If I didn’t feel somewhat compelled to support local journalism, I’d drop my subscription. Seems to me Walter Hussman would pass along some of the savings he’s getting by going digital to his subscribers. I have an idea his failure to do so will eventually come back to bite him.

Spent my teenage years and graduated from Bryant. Great school, community, and rivalry with Benton. It definitely has grown since I first moved there in 1997.

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