Sidney's a Hall of Famer

Couldn’t happen to better person!! W P S

Congratulations Sidney! Very deserving.

Late 70’s in Arkansas, every kid on a court or playground imitated No. 32. The 1979 loss in the regional final in Cincinnati to Indiana State still hurts this old guy to this day.

Congrats, Sid!!!

Me too! A “no name” (Heaton?) throws up a left handed prayer at the buzzer and after a seemingly eternity of bounces on the rim, it falls in! In his Senior year, Sid had the best single season ever for a Razorback. He put that team on his back and got them to the Regional finals. Every bit as good as Bird’s Senior year at IN St. My all time favorite Razorback in any sport.

This was far too late in coming, but I’m so happy for Sid that it finally did happen.

I still have the Sports Illustrated with Sid and his monster dunk on the cover!


Fantastic news!!

Ain’t that the truth?

His two most memorable moments from that season in my mind were his shot at the buzzer at Texas Tech after doing a double fake to get all 3 defenders in the air, and his 2nd half performance at Houston when they were down 21 at the half. Like you said, he put that team on his back and owned Houston in the 2nd half of that game. Houston’s center fouled out before the half trying to defend against him.