Sidney Sighting

Hope a facebook link works. . In anycase, Sidney was at Springdale Public Schools, here is the text, Link has pictures.

Former Razorback and NBA basketball star Sidney Moncrief and his wife, Dr. Takisha Moncrief, provided guidance in literacy and leadership to a selected group of 40 Central Junior High School students. Takisha Moncrief said, “Reading, writing, listening, speaking and research are the “IT” factors in getting ahead in life.” Those factors were presented to the students, who did plenty of writing, listening and speaking during the five-hour seminar. Students from the Warriors in Action after school program were among those selected to participate. Training students to be leaders is among the reasons Springdale Public Schools are #THEChoice.

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Thanks, the link worked just fine for me.

Does Syd still have some car dealeerships in Arkansas? I know he did at one time.
He has been an example of how to use money well.

He had a dealership along 67-167 in Sherwood for a while, but I think he sold it to Harold Gwatney a while back. Not aware of any other dealerships. Along with dabbling in coaching, he called Bucks games on Fox Sports Wisconsin for a few years. I think he’s just enjoying retirement now.

still reps the Hogs first despite all his stops:

not that he needs it but maybe someone could get Devo a Sid book

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Thanks for the updates.

The link Ray posted said Sidney had been president of several auto dealerships. I also found a link that he had to file bankruptcy in 2005 related to his dealerships in Oklahoma and in Pine Bluff.

Evidently Sid has also been divorced and remarried. His first wife was named Debra.

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