SID:TV wide shot should make stadium look big, not small

TV home stadium wide establishing shot 101.

Most ensure the network wide establishing shot gives impression of a large stadium.

I know we are proud of the end zone addition, but make nets shoot FROM that end zone towards the larger end to give impression off the largess of stadium to tv audience.

Shooting wide establishing shot into new addition minimizes largess of stadium and makes stadium seem smaller than it is (or makes perhaps look incomplete with that end zone nostalgic hole that was left).

You can’t make nets do it, but you can ask and recommend they take and ensure best cable drops for them to do so.

I don’t think the stadium looks small. The NEZ holds fewer people than the SEZ, but I have no criticism of the camera angles. Wish there were more people there.

It’s a decent size stadium.

But it is not as large as a lot of other SEC stadiums so it is going to look small compared to those

As noted in postgame story on WHS, ESPN camera operators abandoned their posts for much of the first quarter due to nearby lightning and the wide shot was all they had. So it wouldn’t have mattered what we requested or didn’t request.

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