Sick and tired and worn down as a booster and fan

You know, in year’s past, I was so engaged with the coaching changes. I ran all my traps and talked to all my inside connections and very often knew the scoop before others – often before media.

But I’ve not reached out to any of them this time. To be honest, I feel like I just don’t care any more. Seems like it’s been one soap opera after the other going back to 2006, and I’m tired of the continuous drama and just fed up.

I feel like I’m dumping my big Broyles-Matthews donations into a flushing toilet. That alleged premium parking – about every other game, some idiot police officer acts like he has no idea what a Broyles-Matthews parking pass is and sends me into an hour-long wait for no reason at all – meaning wide open lanes that I’m not allowed to access even though I’ve been going that way for years and absolutely no reason to send a big booster out of the way as opposed to doing it the same way it’s been done for years. And the Foundation does absolutely nothing about it. They do call asking for more money and wanting me to buy one of those boxes in their expansion. It did not used to work like this.

It is what it is as far as I am concerned. Bielema should have never been given that buyout that was not much smaller than the one they gave Petrino. Petrino earned it; Bielema was 3-13 in SEC play when Jeff Long gave it to him. And Bielema is 8-13 in SEC play since that time. That’s called losing in the SEC and losing a lot – under what standard does that earn one a $15 million buyout?

And now this season, Bielema’s fifth, records are being set for the number of blowouts – with Arkansas being on the wrong side of them. That would not be called improvement. That’s pathetic and inexcusable.

And when I hear about all the politics and back-room deals – that are all about power and control – and the return of the good ole boy cartel, I get even more disgusted.

I do think the Athletic Department lost its way with the people of Arkansas. I do believe they ran out the Arkansas connections they needed and alienated a lot of people in the process.

And I think this coaching staff has performed miserably this year.

Did anybody else wonder if the Coach staff knew they were gone before the Coastal Carolina game, which would explain that pathetic display on homecoming?

The rumors we hear sound like they’ve got it all laid out – big name AD and a big name Coach are on the way. But in reality, the only thing about to happen is a huge cluster. This program is going to be without any signifiant replacement for AD — and they are going to proceed to get a lot of big name coaches huge raises at other schools and have to settle for an up-and-coming mid-major as our new U of A HC.

The new up-and-comer coach will be hired. 30% or more of the fanbase will disapprove, and we will all yell at each other during the off season. The new coach will lose next year, that coach’s supporters will say he needs at least 10 or 15 years to build a program and they prefer losing with him than winning with someone like HDN because it’s part of the pain; the dissatisfied fans will be calling for that coach’s head. Then when that Coach finally wins, 60% of the fanbase will be calling for his ouster because 9-3 is no longer good enough and his 9-1 team blew a lead to LSU in Fayetteville, and on and on.

I guess this was a rant or a vent. But I’m fed up to the point of no longer caring. That’s not to say I will not always be a devoted Hog fan, but I’m not going to wait around with great expectations and keen interest any longer. I’m tired after 11 years of this mess.

Wonder if any others are feeling this way?

P.S. And for the record, I stood by Bielema until the very end – the Coastal Carolina game. And I don’t want Malzahn and never have, but at this point, if he can win, fine by me.

Your post reflects my feelings almost to a tee. However, I have to admit I still very much care. As disgusted as I get with the drama & as irritated as I’ve gotten with some of the things that have happened to make the game day experience less pleasant, I still love the team & can’t make myself quit caring. Sometimes I tell myself it’s stupid for me to care, but this isn’t an intellectual exercise for me. It’s all about my heart. I just can’t control that. I get more fed up with the fans than the athletic dept or the athletic director.

I feel the same way. I’m not a huge donor but am a medium one. And, I can feel myself disengaging. If they hire Malzahn, I’ll almost certainly be finished. Someone else will undoubtedly take my place.and I won’t be missed.

But, I feel the same disgust I felt during the Nutt/Malzahn fiasco. There seem to be lots of rich grown men engaging in bank acct measuring contests.

That they’re apparently going to hire the new HC via committee is a joke.

Northeast, My exact feelings. Have donated well over six figures to foundation over the past 30 years, but have just about had it with all the back room dealings and the endless number of ignorant fans we have as their lack of knowledge is amazing. They get on these boards and spew crap that is very harmful and the dumber the louder.

Certainly agree. All of this coming down with the Foundation prepared to send out requests for next years pledges. There may be a lot of folks, including myself, who will rethink their priorities.

I’m not a BM donor but I write a check for 5k every year. If the search committee doesn’t hit a home run with both hires, I’m done. If Gus is hired I’m done, period.

This program has worn me out after the 2 year pass Frank gave Nutt. This couild be the tipping point for my money.

I’ve been a season ticket holder and Foundation contributor for 30 years and my attitude is much like the original poster.

Bringing Malzahn back would probably end it for me.

Agree 100% with all of you. I decided today that I won’t be buying season tickets (or making the donation) next year. I think I’ve just hit my threshold of incompetent leadership and fans.

It sickens me as well to think about the good ole boys running things again. Truth be told, they’ll get what they deserve (chaos, humiliation and an unproven, mid-major coach) then the fans will get the shaft in the end. At least they’ll have their access and influence back though. And that’s what this is really all about.

I’m tried of drama

As a person Jeff Long is s fine man but I think this can be a good change

I’ve said for a long time that what we have been doing is not working

Not sure if this will work but I have a little hope that people who actually know Arkansas are trying to right the ship

National folks will ridicule this move but they are the same folks content for Arkansas to remain in the cellar

Let’s see if this works - it may hasten the death of a proud program that was clearly slowly dying - or it may shock it back to life

Let’s see