SIAP-Wetzel with a real hit piece

on Morris, us and the state. Typical. … 96678?s=21

Don’t like it, but expect it from Wetzel. Sad truth is when you are awful - and have been for awhile - makes you an easy target for ridicule.

He may have a point with the Texas apology of being extreme, but what our players did was worthy of suspension. That doesn’t mean they are through permanently. If a coach can’t have standards, then he can’t have the players’ respect. Any athlete knows that. I’m sure CCM never thought he would have to put into writing, “Thou shalt not fraternize with the opposing team’s spirit squad prior to the game.”

Now we know for sure we have hit rock bottom! The good news is there’s no where to go but up. For that to happen the locker room has to be cleaned out of bad attitudes and players whom don’t have the heart to leave it on the field ( 100% percent effort).
Next year!

It was funny that one of the responses was “at least someone on the team was trying to score” Have to laugh sometimes to stave off the crying.

Wentzel’s job doesn’t depend on instilling discipline to the Hog football team. He should be charged with targeting a defenseless coach. But then, that’s what most hacks do.

Jim Rome and Clay Travis have made it cool and others are following

I didn’t think it was a fair piece, but it mirrors what some on here do so I don’t see how they could offer up criticism of him because of that.

Harvard Player that was penalized for pointing…


But pictures show that he was signaling No. 1 and not flipping the bird.

Either way, just run to the end zone and keep the ball a few yards into the end zone