SIAP - Michael Taylor

If there’s been an update in the past 2 weeks, I don’t remember seeing it. So, I assume that he’s still not eligible and at this point not expected to play this season (which he may not have anyhow, it being his first season on a D1 campus).

So - is he able to practice with the team? Can one of you insiders attempt to get an update at one of the post-practice pressers?


I’ll check on it. I do think he can work out. Whether or not that means work out with the team, or work out in the weight room, I’m not sure. Thanks for the reminder to check.


Just a reminder for someone to ask the coaches about Taylor . . .


I read on another board that he was not eligible but he was practicing on the scout team.

If fact, they mentioned he was trying to simulate the A&M ends.

Another bump . . . still haven’t seen a response from the insiders after asking one of the coaches.

Just a reminder . . . :smiley: