SIAP Lane Kiffin

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I guess the media knows he good for a sound bite, but he comes off as a real smart azz jerk to me.


I can see how you feel that way and one time it was very good description on his actions. Now it is much more of a marketing ploy. He is promoting his program and targeting recruits. Not everyone’s cup of soup but he has a skill for that type of exchange in Twitter world.

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Great comeback to Jimbo as far as I’m concerned…


He’s so irreverent, just amazing. I wonder if he gets a call from the league office when he makes fun of another coach/school. Or they just roll with it and like his publicity.

First is was a tryst with Nick Saban and now Kiffin. The common denominator here is Jimbo the joker haha BOOO sucka. I love it.

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If Kiffin were our coach (almost was) we would think it was hilarious, especially if it was right after we beat A&M. I’ll admit, he was my first choice at the time of our coaching search. Now, I would not trade Sam for him, but he would have been a very good 2nd choice.


Oh yes he’s all of that and more.
Two schools of thought here. (1) Lack of class
(2) Won’t back down when it comes to trash-talkin’.

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Of course he is…the difference is “smart” wherein he and Jimbo share being “jerks”.

I understand what you’re saying and I suspect I would fall in with the time tested response, “he may be a smart azz, but he is our smart azz” but it doesn’t change how I feel about this childish appearing behavior. I know we are all supportive of Muss, even when cheesy or over the top, but I don’t remember him being a jerk.

I was one who thought Kiffin would be a good hire, even though I did not really like his style or at that time was not that ready to annoint him as an offensive genius as was being done at that time with the media’s crush on him, because it would put a program in need of reviving a lift. Looks like I was wrong about his offensive prowess, not so much about the rest. I believe his flame will burn out at Ole Miss, more likely because he moves on, but could easily happen there, if he stays. Sam seems to be building a program that, while potentially less flashy, has a better foundation.

I agree. I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets a long look at Auburn now. He almost certainly would move for a big pile of money and a long term contract. I hope, though, when he takes his next job that it is not in the SEC.

For sure, hope to see him leave the SEC.

Me as well - what a d#ck

I hoped he’d go to Nebraska

Reports out Lane is their first choice. Rumors that’s he’s not happy with the NIL money in Oxford. Be interesting. There is history in Rebnecks losing a coach to AU.

I was disappointed we did not hire Kiffin. He has Ole Miss really moving up in the college football world. We had our chance, but didn’t take it. We are going to regret that, I think. Maybe we will get lucky if Kiffin moves on, but I think Ole Miss will do whatever is necessary to keep him.

I used to be Jhawg.

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