SIAP: D'Vone McClure

I have seen very little posted about D’Vone McClure’s game. He looked like a rocket coming after the QB several times in the EIU game. Very explosive. I haven’t seen a Razorback attack like that for years.

He caused a fumble on a blitz & got to model the chrome helmets in the uni preview vid so I’d say he did well

He’s going to be a great one for us.

Please indulge me here. There is a lot about this young man. My wife had him in elementary school years ago. He comes from a fine family. I have a picture on my phone of D’Vone and my wife last Friday, looking sharp in his blue suit! My wife had tears in her eyes. My wife basically worked closely with D’Vone and several other young men so they would pass the benchmark exam. D’Vone scored as high as you could in Math, his mother has prasied my wife’s effort to this day. D’Vone has called my wife his second mom. To this day, my wife always inquires about how he is doing in the class room. His comment is, "I’m doing my best, and staying out of trouble! The apparent change in coaching staff has been a blessing for this man. Drafted by baseball, obvious athlete, watch him. Very respectful person.

Over the years I have seen my wife maintain close relationships with students, I have never seen a student return that like D’Vone has, class act and we wish him the best.

That is outstanding! Thanks for sharing that.

Grandpa Plucky - as he is now called by his teammates - is he oldest guy on the team and seems to have a level of maturity that is higher than most - as one would think of a 24-year-old that has experienced both success and adversity through his minor league baseball days.

We will be there Saturday when they get off the bus, if we can find out where that is when we get to the stadium.

I’ve been wanting to ask - will he stay through his senior year? Not implying that he’ll leave to go pro but is there a risk he’ll just think it’s time to move on at some point before playing 3 more years. I think he is classified as a sophomore.

Thank you for contributing a great story of why he is so good for this team.

His intent as of now is to complete his football eligibility, but he if plays well enough to leave early that would be great for him and his team.

He’s transferring

Why do you say that?

Being reported elsewhere - in the portal

Because he’s transferring

And you know how?

It’s being reported by multiple outlets

He quit yesterday.

11 total tackles in six games as a back up LB. I believe he’s already redshirted, so if he wants to play some more football he probably will have to go to a lower level. He’s also 25 years old, having played minor league baseball out of high school, so maybe he transfers or maybe he just moves on to the next phase of his life.

Do we know why he quit?