SIAP discussed - Interference on Burkes on 2 point play?

So I’m getting on the board around 10 PM Sunday for the first time since the game yesterday (I never like to join in after a loss…like to give the knee jerk reactions time to come and go). But I have a feeling someone else has posted about this already; if so, please point me in the direction of that discussion.

But in re-watching the 2 point attempt a few times, I was struck that the guy “guarding” Burkes essentially bear-hugged him from the time he took off until he was 5 yards deep into the EZ. By that time, Jefferson had been rolling out and ready to throw for a second or two, but no one was open. Eventually, Jefferson did the only thing he could, which was to lob it toward the EZ and hope for a miracle catch by someone.

To me, it was a clear case of defensive holding, if not pass interference.

If you still have a recording of the game, replay it, focusing on TB, and see if you don’t see the same thing.

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I thought it was holding or PI but you will get many responses that at that point in the game the refs are going to let the players decide it—which I’ve never understood because if it’s a PI it’s a PI—especially on a winner-take-all-play.

Burks is so big and strong people get away with a lot against him.

But, yes, we have seen way less called. The refs at UGA would have thrown 3-4 flags on it.

I have heard the same “let them play” and/or “let the players decide the game” comments, and - in general - I agree. That said, you just can’t let a defender hug the leading receiving option for the offense for 2-3 seconds in a situation like that. It was just blatant.

People can and will say that we had many other chances to win the game and they’d be correct. Still, focusing on that one play, it was a bad call - plain and simple. And in that situation, terminal.


others have said that one of the OL could had been called for being inlegible down field…so even if caught…probably would have to replay the attempt

In fact, that penalty WAS called. I’m not denying that. But the flag for eggregious holding on the defense should also have been dropped. Would we have scored on the next try? Who knows?

By the way, here are pictures of the hold. Burkes is on the right side of our line, on the goal line in picture number one. You can see the arm of the defender wrapped around him. Jefferson is locked and loaded…ready to pass if he found an open target.

Processing: Ark-Ole Miss 1.png…

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Did not seem that crew wanted to call PI at all in that game. Burks and his defensive man were going at it for many plays. PI was called on him the previous week. I also thought there were some holds by wide receivers by both teams not called. They let em play.

Not arguing the no call on that play. Looked like holding. Ask DJ Williams how many times he got tackled trying to come off line on goal line plays his last two years. That is not allowed but rarely called. Don’t have an answer.

I noticed on a couple of the long runs, OM bear hugged our defensive players at the point of attack, nearly tackling the LB, along with holding the CB by the collar. It makes it hard to make a tackle when you get tackled yourself.

Also, I haven’t heard much mentioned about the two dropped interceptions. So close to having picked off Corral two more times. It was a great game and full of many what ifs…

I saw almost the same situation called PI on the receiver in an NFL game yesterday. If you watch it, TB runs directly into the defender and is pushing him back into the end zone. What the NFL game announcers said was receiver didn’t try to make a football move to disengage and break off into a route, he just “bullrushed” the defender down the field. TB looks to be doing the same until he breaks off at the end. So could go either way, probably best left as a no call.

Actually, it looks like TB was blocking for the run. We know the OL was blocking for the run because they were flagged for being in the end zone. The play was RPO with two options for a run and third option a pass. Seems alot of the team was locked in on the run and weren’t thinking about the pass, poor execution. That specific play needs to be repped a bit more in practice.

As for the “let 'em play” argument (not that you are making that, Clay; but many say that on end of game plays)…if they let that one go, why did they toss the flag for our OL being downfield on that same play? Now, I’m not arguing he wasn’t downfield - he was. But if you’re going to throw that flag, you certainly should throw the flag for Burks being manhandled the entire play.

Sorry, but if you actually look at the replay, Burks had no chance. The defensive player wrapped him up (not “bumped him”…but hugged him) as soon as he left the line of scrimmage. So if Burks was running, the guy was moving with him, but it wasn’t as if Burks ran at the guy and was trying to block him; he was attempting to run a route with a guy draped all over him.

That’s NOT a “no call”, at any point in a game…or shouldn’t be.

I thought there was PI on the Hail Mary at the end of the first half, too. But assume that’s not called much, either.

I’m always surprised when a foul is called on the end of game plays in basketball. I know they are right, but have grown accustomed to seeing the refs run off the floor to get the heck out of dodge so to speak.

Agreed if you call the linemen down field – and Ricky was deep in the end zone, not just a yard beyond the line of scrimmage – then you call the other stuff. They plain missed it.

And, it’s correct, it would have been offsetting penalties and a retried untimed down. As they say, you live to play another down.

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Are defenders allowed to wrap their arms around the WRs within the first five yards of the LOS? I noticed a few times that is how the DBs attacked our WRs on the long runs. Just curious if you saw that as well.

I can see an argument for “letting them play” AND “throwing the flag” for PI, because in this instance, we replay the attempt with the ball at the 1 instead of the 2! The teams still decide the outcome, the officials just keep it within the rules of the game.

I have never been a fan of “letting them play” at the end of basketball games either… because playing good defense without fouling is what “playing” means… and fouling is not “playing”, even though I also know it is part of the game that can be used to your advantage in certain situations. But, a shooting foul on the last shot begets free throws, by rule. Again, that IS letting them “play”, the way the game is supposed to be “played”, with the players still deciding the outcome (score).

Since Stromberg was down field and flagged, it would have been offsetting penalties and replay the down at the 3.


Right. The NFL PAT is from the 2, college is from the 3.

Another thing most people may not know - had we converted the 2 point play, with the penalty flag for ineligible receiver downfield, the game would have been over. An accepted penalty on the defense in that situation would allow for another play, but if the penalty is on the offense (only), the results of the play are moot and the game is over.

Now, in the case under discussion, had the PI (or def holding) flag been tossed, it would have been offsetting penalties (one each on the offense and the defense), so back to the 3 yard line to replay the try.