SIAP, but it looks like the updated football roster is now up … bl/roster/

I see C Kelly at 258 lbs I can’t remember what he weighed last yr I know coaches wanted him to lose weight . Any body remember what he weighed last year?

I saw that too, and it makes me wonder if this just isn’t a “preliminary” roster, with those who left culled out, and the newcomers added . . . but the weights will be adjusted after the players officially report next week?

CK was listed at 268 in last year’s media guide. Other question, of course, is how accurate was that.

Speaking of large QBs, I heard something this week on ESPN radio about “Hefty Lefty” Jared Lorenzen, who was the Jellycat QB against us in that 7-OT game in Lexington. They said he had ballooned since his playing days from 300+ to 550 pounds, but has since lost about 80, realizing that if he didn’t control his weight it was going to kill him.

Proctor isn’t on the roster, so that gets us down to 6 QBs, with Aune’s transfer to North Texas.

Kelley looks like he’s about 245-250 based on the photos seen recently,has to be IMO or he will never be quick enough to be at his best in this offense.

I guess Lorenzen just ate himself out of football. I don’t care how big a boned boy you are, 550 pounds is not conducive to living very long. He could probably lose 80 pounds of water weight in one visit to the sauna. He’s got a tough rode ahead. I wish him well.