SIAP - Bret Bielema and His Big Mistake

Dunno who this guy is, but he seems to have taken Coach B’s decisions personally.

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Sounds like this guy is still butt hurt over Bret leaving his beloved Badgers. I didn’t read all the article, as boredom was beginning to set in.

Most of what he says is true. He did leave a good situation.

But, I feel Bret left primarily because he could not stand his boss. Period!

And the point of the article is … ? He’s pointing out what we all know … Alabama would win the Big Ten no matter who is at Wisconsin!

THE big mistake of that entire situation is tattooed on the forehead of Jeff Long. We had it. We gave it away. Tommy Bowden, Jim Grobe, Will Muschamp were coaches Long tried and failed to get before finally responding to Petrino’s interest. ALL would have had us no better off than we are now. Beliema is in the same class as those. Those are all Jeff Long kind of guys. Long can’t fix this. Just watch. Lightening struck and he lucked out when Petrino was ready to get back to college and we were the best option at the moment. Everything Long has tried on his own has been boarderline stupid. Jeff makes decisions based on HIS career first and the good of,the program second. We will always be a wannabe with Jeff steering the ship. If you don’t have enough evidence yet be patient, you will.

I completely agree. Long is the biggest culprit here. Absolutely. Let’s never lose sight of this.

Sounds like he is not the only one butt hurt

Wow! The guy “lucks” into Petrino, but gets blamed for CBB? Come on, if you loved Petrino, then you have to give him credit for hiring him just as much as you want to give him the blame for hiring CBB.

Apparently, not everyone knows the story of how Petrino got the Arkansas job…

I know exactly how he got it. Don’t talk down to me! You are a sham and you know it! You don’t have to like Long. I hope you don’t. That’s not the issue here. You are dissing somebody who has made some very good hires here and some very bad hires here. Are you batting 1.000 on your job? I doubt it!

I’m not in love with JL but I do think the only bonehead move he has made was Dykes.

Did I see Coach Bobby Petrino’s name mentioned? Foot injuries, huh? :lol: :lol:

The last time I saw the “Great” Bobby Petrino he was playing at home with the eventual Heisman trophy winner and lost to Kentucky…believe his team gave up 41to his instate rival…That boy never cared much for defense…If i remember right seems he lost 3 of his last 4…brilliant coach… lousy human being and I’m glad he is gone.

You have hit this one correctly!
I do think the program is in better shape now than it was under neck brace. The John L Smith year took steam out of the ship. CBB has done a good job that’s my opinion.
As for the AD he will have a job with the NCAA someday I hope! Let’s find a way to support our Coach