SIAP Bobby Portis about to sign for $40M

Lost it now but just read an article on line that Bucks have $40 million over 4 years and Bobby intends to sign


Glad to see him getting his worth.


Wonderful news for a great Razorback.

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Great news! Bobby has done well to say the least. WPS

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Not so fast my friend.

Player option turned down and now a FA. Same thing Harden and Beal are doing for a bigger and longer deal

Those two things are not mutually exclusive. He can turn down the $4.6M option and turn around and sign $10M per year, if the Bucks really want to keep him.

Which is what I think will happen. Unlike the Monks, Bobby IS loyal.


True but will be interesting to see if someone betters the Bucks offer.

Isn’t this a big “nothing”. Obviously he has to turn down the $4.6M option on his existing contract before he can sign the new $10M per year contract they’ve offered. He’s not technically a free agent until he does that.

Now, if another team actually offers him $15M for 5 years (guaranteed), he might use that for some leverage? He’s probably told the Bucks he’ll take less from them, but it needs to be reasonably close. Not $35M less.

I guess there could be a little danger in this announcement by his agent, if he does know for a fact that another team is interested and willing to pay more. If his best offer would be 8M for 4 yrs, that could backfire big time. If his agent did that, Bobby should fire him immediately.

My bet would be that he ends up signing with the Bucks. He’s wanted by them and he wants to be there.

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Crazy rumors of Bobby going to Golden State Warriors

Yeah I saw the same thing on Twitter. The Golden State Hogs.

Nine million better.


Good for Bobby!

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Yes, and his agent earned his pay. Really glad Bobby got a better contract and gets to stay with the Bucks!

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Bobby is just the perfect fit for that franchise, and vice versa. He couldn’t play alongside a humbler superstar than Giannis. Until the Lakers get rid of Monk and LeBron, I’m a Golden State and Bucks fan.

He is the ready made replacement for 34 year old Brooks Lopez. They also play well together when both are on the floor.

I just hope the Bulls don’t ever again draft a Razorback “Big”. Both Bobby and Gafford made huge steps up when they got away from the Bulls.

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