SIAP--Baseball Top 10

Seems about right where the hogs are. I think LSU should be higher. I don’t know if I agree with Auburn in the top 25.
I’m always ready for baseball season.

we were ranked #25 by somebody earlier which I thought was a little too high 10 may be too generous probably somewhere in between…lot of offense was lost and pitching too.

I think the offense may be okay. It’s a matter of whether or not the returning starters deliver and if the newcomers with high potential deliver. You could probably say the same thing about the pitching. However, I think the pitching staff has the most to prove. A Friday night starter who can be counted on for a win is one of the most important things in college baseball.

The pitching does have to prove itself. We might have a Friday starter go undefeated in the future, but it isn’t very likely. I do think Campbell will be very good. It will be fun to watch.

Starting pitching and the relievers will have to prove themselves. I’m hoping Knopps can stay healthy this season. The hogs needed him bad last year.

That looks like some sort of fan poll. I would be shocked to see Arkansas in the top 10 of any of the polls that are recognized by the NCAA. I think the Razorbacks will be closer to No. 25 or unranked because of the amount of players lost from last year’s team.