Self imposed Ole Miss penalties just the start

There will be more. Count on it. Question is, how much. Good guess is at least one more year of bowl ban, more scholarship losses and probably a suspension for Bucky, based on what has happened with basketball coaches like Jim Boeheim and Larry Brown. Consider that Ole Miss is charged with 15 Level I violations. FIFTEEN. Level I is as bad as it gets. But there is the variable of violations that are judged as aggravated, standard or mitigated. How many of each there are will determine how hard OM will get hammered. Aggravated Level I violations can be worth 2 to 4 years of probation. Mitigated get 0 to 1 year, standard is 1 to 2. Aggravated Level I can also result in scholarship reductions of 25 to 50%. If OM loses 21 to 42 scholies over a few years, that’s gonna cripple the Bears for a long time to come.

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Swine, since you seem to have inside knowledge, what does a 5 get you from the NCAA? I’m saying a few more scholarships losses, maybe a second year of bowl ban and freeze stays. Ole Miss will be competitive in 2 years. They have a team that can beat us next year. Thoughts?

If their penalties get anywhere near what USC’s penalties were, OM won’t recover in at least 5 years. A lot will depend on how the NCAA handles Jr. and Sr. players with a 2 year bowl ban. If they allow them to transfer without having to sit out a year, OM will lose lots of transfers. In USC’s 4th year after the NCAA levied the penalties, they were down to 44 scholarship players on their squad because of all the transfers on top of the lost scholarships. OM could be looking at something similar in transfers.

I think the USC-w situation is a good way to predict what happens to OM, except more so. USC is a glamour school in the middle of an extremely fertile recruiting area. Ole Miss… isn’t. And it still took SC 6 years to truly recover. SC also lost a total of 30 scholarships during its four-year probation (two year bowl ban). As noted above, OM could lose up to 42 under penalties for aggravated Level I violations (the matrix for NCAA violations can be found via a link in the story linked in the OP). It will be automatic for any OM seniors now, or juniors if they get a second year added on, to be free to transfer because of the bowl ban.

Southern Cal lost 30 scholarships over a 3 year period and their violations were not as numerous as the ones facing Ole Miss. I expect Ole Miss to lose between 30 and 40 scholarships over 3-years and have a 2-3 year bowl ban. Hopefully, they won’t fire Hugh Freeze. He should have to coach the Rebels with a depleted team.

Ole Miss was a non-factor in the SEC since Archie left school…for almost 50 years. They threw caution to the winds and tried everything they could to get better players. It almost worked. The Hunter Henry heave stopped them from winning the West in 2015 and probably the SEC Championship.