Petrino should be suspended

And so should every other coach who took the info from the Wake Forest radio guy. I tend to agree. This is not stealing signals from the third base dugout. This is, as they might say in NASCAR, “downright cheatin’.”

Tommy Elrod offered his information to multiple schools, from the Wake Forest statement. Some took it. Some didn’t. Louisville is the only one that we know took it so far. Color me shocked that Ditch Rider did something displaying a complete lack of integrity.

And I have to agree with this writer: If the ACC is going to have any credibility, and if football in that league is to have any integrity, it has to come down hard on Louisville and anybody else who took the information. And if schools in other leagues took the information, they need to be hit as well.

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I flipped on one of ESPN’s several College Football Shows last night, and the panel spent most of 15 minutes blasting Louisville and Petrino. One of the folks commenting was Paul Finebaum, “borrowed” from their “sister” SEC network. Paul was direct and specific in calling Petrino a liar. He also said Louisville AD Tom Jurich should be canned. Booger McFarland said he wouldn’t let his son play for Petrino.

I had heard similar things on DFW talk radio earlier in the day. In every recap of the current problems, each of these commenters (radio,TV) took time to briefly go over Petrino’s long history of slime, including (of course) his infamous motorcycle ride.

It will be interesting to see our resident Petrino lovers rationalize this one. And you know they will.

I would think the thing that these coaches hear the loudest is suspensions. I once thought fines were the deal.

But how many coaches should be suspended? Just the head coach. How about the coordinators who gladly took the info.

I’m thinking fines matter to these guys, too. Fine the heck out of them.

I did chuckle when I heard Bielema’s response. He said if someone gave him something like that, he’d think it was a setup and probably discard it. He figured it would be bogus stuff that was designed to throw them off in preparation. I would, too.

Absolutely. The coordinators should be suspended as well. But certainly don’t give the coordinators all the punishment and let the head coach get away scot-free. And all suspensions should be without pay. Not sure the ACC or any other league has that authority, but it should.

I just assume college football is a seedy business. And I really don’t care. I love the game. No telling what goes on behind the scenes with the Razorback football staff. We don’t know. We can praise the integrity of our staff, but who really knows what goes on, especially with recruiting? Petrino is a winning football coach who just had a Heisman trophy QB. Who knows how much he was involved in this? I assume he knew. They got caught, and it might be a little ugly for Petrino and his staff for a while. But I look at it sort of like how people apparently looked at Trump and taxes. Just like many don’t expect rich people like Trump to pay a lot of taxes, I expect winning college football coaches to try and gain an edge wherever possible. Even by bending the rules. Again, it’s a seedy business. You’re naive if you don’t recognize that. I’d rather appreciate the game and good, winning football than get bogged down in who is doing right and wrong. To me, they’re all (including Arkansas) doing a lot of wrong. We just don’t know about it.

I still think the story will be amped up even more if and when Elrod speaks. But suspensions, and meaningful ones (not two weeks between February 1 and spring football), should be in order for all who accepted it from the head coach down.

No doubt. If he speaks. But they are looking at if there are violations of criminal law here, such as theft of intellectual property, stuff like that. If there are any such charges filed against Elrod, he won’t be saying anything public. Probably has already been advised to clam up and stay clammed up.

Yeah, any suspensions should be meaningful, whether they’re for weeks during the season, or spring practice, or even recruiting in January. My vote would be for weeks during the season, since this information was used in a game or games during the season.

To hawgjawbend: A very cynical view indeed. There is stretching the NCAA rulebook, such as $100 handshakes, and there is “downright cheatin’”. Getting hold of a stolen game plan, whether you bought it or not, is downright cheatin’, and may also include criminal violations (receipt of stolen property, for one), which again takes things beyond a mere NCAA violation.

If Petrino didn’t know about this, then he is not in the kind of control that he was at Arkansas. He knew every detail, how every minute was spent in preparation. He knew they had the stuff from Wake Forest. I won’t ever believe otherwise.

Totally agree, the control freak BP is, he would have the FINAL say with something like this as he does with everything else in his program. In fact if the info was offered to one of his assistants and they had turned it down without consulting him first, he most likely would have been pissed.

Latest update: Virginia Tech has acknowledged receiving information from Tommy Elrod in 2014. This was under the Frank Beamer regime, not the current staff. Beamer has denied any knowledge. Army has also been contacted by Wake; the Knights played Wake Forest in each of the past three seasons.

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It is only just recently that my naïve mind has been directed to college improprieties or simply cheating. I always thought what’s the big deal about helping a kid’s family with a little rent or groceries in time of need? Then I found out it is a lot more than that. Using cameras picking up signal is one thing, stealing some one’s game plan, giving it away in spite or for money is another. Tommy Elrod former player and assistant teams up with another former assistant Lonnie Galloway to obtain and pass on game plans to so far as we know involving, Louisville, Virginia tech and Army. In what form or fashion for each involved, we do not know. Who was at the receiving end of it and who knew about it, is not clear at this time. Maybe ACC do the investigation and put some clarity into this. Bobby Petrino mishap in AR was dealt with swiftly and with integrity. There are those who still belly aching about it. Maybe it’s taking too long for AR to build a SEC west caliber program. But thanks, it is a clean one. That says a lot in this day and time.

Louisville certainly has a propensity for coaches being unethical. First the basketball assistant that hired women for inappropriate behavior with players and recruits. Now the football assistant that took information from the Wake broadcaster. So far the head coaches in both of these instances have not been punished. Lack of integrity takes its toll eventually. There seems to be a lot of that with the Cardinals.

Just as there are cheats in liars in every profession, I tend to think there are some honorable people in every profession. No one is squeaky clean, but don’t try to tell me the only bad ones are the ones who get caught. That’s not naivete, it’s a recognition that not everyone is a snake. People who think so aren’t wizened realists, they’re cynics & probably have a touch of paranoia.

The media is trying to protect their profession by making an example. The media hates Bobby Petrino. The Media knows Louisville is slimy with Petrino and Pitino. This won’t go away soon and I think the Media will come after Jurich if they sense he isn’t going to do anything.

To Hog Treat:
I could not believe how LV got Pitino off the hook and somehow dissociated him from the “Party affair”. I am looking for the same thing on Petrino. He never saw it, he never knew about it. Someone takes the fall and they get to keep him. After the second time, LV is going to be a tainted program. I spent this past Thanksgiving with family and relatives in Churchill Downs in LV. I unknowingly brought up Pitino with the host, he bristled. I should have known better.

The Petrino lovers don’t care about this stuff. They’ve made it very plain to all of us that winning is the ONLY thing as far they’re concerned. Any how, any way. This doesn’t faze them.

If we still have some level of Petrino support within our ranks, then I have some doubts that within the Louisville family and fan base that he will be held to many standards. There may be dirtier programs, but few more repulsive.

Thinking that–even in a profession full of scumbags–there should some sort of baseline ethical standard doesn’t make someone naive or a pansy. It just makes them rational.

Didn’t Lou suspend the OC but it was Wake offensive info they received?

That doesn’t add up, unless of course the Lou co Off coordinator had a ready replacement (the co OC) at a triplicate position on the staff considering Petrino handles all of the offense.

I think Petrino’s days are numbered. He had a golden opportunity this year and blew it and now all or most of Strong’s defense players will be gone.

He’s about to settle into 9-win mode. That’s good but they want more and I’m not sure he can get over the hump, even with a weak schedule.

It’s just really hard to when win you don’t just fail to emphasize defense and you actually deemphasize it.

I am a Bobby supporter…not ashamed of it…

Im not going to sit here and pretend that stuff like this never happens…schools such as Bama…Texas…Auburn and countless others…maybe even UA have for years spied on others practices…ive heard from High School coaches who know college coaches who say that coaches fired from schools will tell things on their former schools

I dont know…i just know what im told…but i do know there used to be a black “tarp” surrounding the practice field at UA so outsiders could not film or take pictures etc while practice goes on

im not taking up for Petrino in any way…but im not blind…no one can tell me this stuff does not exist…