on the coaching situations at LSU and Texas

And Oregon, Baylor and Purdue too. Loved this quote: [quote]The Texas athletic department and LSU athletic department could host a Dysfunctional Family Feud, and it would end up being pretty competitive.

They suspect Herman to EOE, who knows to LSU, P.J. Fleck to Oregon and the old Grasseater to Purdue, where their agronomy department will make sure he has high-quality chewing material. Maybe Mike MacIntyre of Colorado or Chad Morris of SMU to Bayluh.

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I think it’s obvious who Texas and LSU will target. The interesting thing to watch is what happens if they don’t get their No. 1. I could see both making an underwhelming hire in relation to the expectations people will have. I think the dysfunction has to make some coaches hesitant to go there.

I’d be surprised if Mike MacIntyre leaves Colorado. I think they are about to make him a big offer and he should be able to compete well in that division for a while.

Chad Morris to Baylor seems like a perfect fit.

I imagine Larry Fedora will be in the mix at Baylor or Texas Tech comes open.