mock draft: Gafford #19

To Portland.

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I sure hope the young man stays one more year in college! He would end up in the G league! But he would collect a ton of cash!

If he is #19, he would be foolish not to take it. I hope he plays the rest of the season well enough to become a lottery pick. He has the capability to do it. That would mean the Hogs finish strong. I’m ok with that.

My personal wish is Arkansas makes it to Elite Eight or Final Four this year and Gafford declares for the draft as a lottery pick.

I like Daniel Gafford…but he has no offensive skills, except for the dunk. He might be a lottery pick next year if he comes back. He certainly could help himself by learning some simple post moves and learning how to shoot a turn-around jumper or a jump hook from 6’ or inside that. He is very athletic, but so unready for the NBA. It will be interesting to see if he comes back for another year. Someone will have to console us fans and Mike Anderson, if he leaves. Losing Macon, Barford and Gafford would be devastating. If we keep Daniel and add some quality freshman, we might be okay by this time next year.

Dudley knows who is coming and how they might fare. Tell us, Duds, about the guys coming.

J hang the incoming class is already signed look on the the recruiting tab and you can find them!
The incoming class has the most overall class as any class we have had since the 90’s.