Hogs second best entering CWS

I’d probably agree with that. It’s gonna be hard to beat Oregon State, especially in a 2 out of 3 CS. But you play 'em on the field.

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I have only seen Oregon State play in the Super Regionals and I was very impressed with their lineup all of them hit the ball very hard into all fields but it’s very hard to keep that up as we have seen on several occasions any day anybody can beat you in Omaha but if we hit the ball the way we’re capable and they hit the ball the way they’re cable I can see us matching up in the finals

Beavs hit .320 as a team to our .301. Only 59 homers to our 94. The score 7.6 runs per game to our 7.1. ERA for them is 3.26 to our 3.52. But clearly our schedule was tougher, although they did beat LSU like a rented Corndog.

But we won’t see them until June 25, if at all. Gotta beat Texass, the Wallets and the Raiders first.

Yes they are probably more consistent 1-9 no real outs in that lineup they put the ball in play and all of them can run… yes what yes we have a lot harder road ahead to get there than they do that’s for sure