Hogs getting bubble attention

Warren Nolan has us projected at 21-10. That means we finish 7-2. Predictions WN:

@USCe 78-76 (W)
@ Missery 71-69 (W)
Miss St 77-76 (W)
@AUB 72-85 (L)
aTm 80-69 (W)
@KY 67-80 (L)
Ole Miss 78-75 (W)
@Vandy 76-75 (W)
Bama 79-73 (W)

I was actually shocked to see that.

Sign me up, I’ll take it… that’s a 6/8 seed…

I actually thought we had a chance in every game, but KY (we seem to like AUB’s arena). I thought I was just getting my hopes up. I really didn’t expect someone outside AR to pick us. By the way he has us finishing 5th in conference, one game behind AUB. So, that AUB game may have really, really became important.

I consider the Auburn game one the hogs can win! But winning at least 7 would give the hogs wins over 4 teams that are currently projected to make the dance and we are competing with them for an at large bid. Sign me up! I would be willing to swap a win at Kentucky for a win at Auburn.

I’d be willing to swap a win @home against aTm for a win @KY.

We don’t need any bad losses and TAM beating us in BWA would be a very bad loss. I’d take Nolan’s projection and go quietly.

I looked at another projection site I’ve used before, Hadn’t looked at it all year. Good thing. Its last update was March 11. He didn’t take it down, but when they removed RPI from the equation, he stopped bothering. And the sister site,, hasn’t been updated since December 28, which seems like a weird time to stop.

Yeah, the RPI Wizard says they updated Mar 11, but they haven’t. I had them saved last year and started looking very early this year, they still have final standings from last year.

I am using Real-time RPI:

And NCAA NET rankings: … t-rankings

I started looking for a site that showed Quadrant wins. Warren Nolan was the name that started popping up the most:

March 11 was Selection Sunday last year. Hasn’t updated since that. Yeah, I’ve been using Real Time for RPI and more so looking at NET which is updated daily. We just don’t know yet how they’re going to use NET. May still not know on March 10 after the brackets come out.

Yeah’ the committee is supposed to look at Quadrants (H, A, N records), then six matrixes plus the NET. They’re also supposed to take into account other things. Loss of player, loss of coach, box scores, etc… Seeing that made me think our FL loss may not be as bad as we think (not that it’s a bad loss, well…) because we lost Phillips before that game and we didn’t really play great. That could be a mulligan in the eyes of the committee. Especially, if we play them in the SECT and steam roll them.

As you said, I have no clue what they’re looking at.

Edit: As for Mar 11, I was thinking it was April. Man was I confused