Hogs almost a bubble team

This piece lists 23 bubble teams contesting 15 spots, and several that could get on the bubble, in order of most to least likely. We’re third on his not-quite-bubble list and #1 (Lipscomb) is actually projected to win their conference tournament and thus not need an at-large. Beat Bama and win one in Nashville, this could still get interesting. If we beat Bama, we would have three wins over bubble teams to two losses (plus a huge tiebreaker, a road win over LSU), and could add at least one more in Nashville (Florida and OM are both on the bubble and both potential SECT opponents; Moo U, the other potential SECT opponent, is seen as a lock).

Different article, same site, same guy: We’re third on the next four out. But a lot can change in the next 11 days.

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I’ve said all season got to get to 21 wins. That now means winning the Sect. I’m not sure that is necessary but anything short of winning every game to the finals would be a disqualifier in my opinion. Making it to the finals would give us a solid victory in the semis. A lot of basketball yet. It can get worse or better. The next 4 games matter a hole heck of a lot.

I still don’t think we need 21 wins. I think with the strength of the SEC, 19 would do it. At this point that would mean: Beating Bama, beating FL/OM/MS next Thursday, beating somebody next Friday. If we beat Bama, that would make us the #9 seed and that Friday opponent would be LSU. That scenario would make us 11-11 in SEC play, assuming we then lost in the semifinal on Saturday, and they’re talking at-large now for TCU which is looking at 8th place in the Big 12 and 6-12 or 7-11 in league games. Heck, we might not even need to beat LSU if we beat Bama and whichever team we draw Thursday.

The quadrant breakdown of getting to Saturday would look like this: We’d have three Q1 wins (LSU twice and whoever we beat Thursday). We’d be 8-11 in Q1-Q2 games, and beating LSU twice would wipe away a whole lot of residue from losing to WKU or GTech. Also, if A&M can win another game or two that would become a Q2 loss instead of Q3.

One more thing: If the Chickens are the 4 seed, that makes reaching the final very doable. Get to Sunday with 20 wins and we’re in.

Last night bumped our NET up to 65 from 73, not bad for a win over a team 0-17 in the league. We don’t know yet how they’re going to use NET, but St. John’s is on that bubble list linked above and the Red Storm is #62, so we’re not far from that. Arizona State is actually BELOW us in NET and on the bubble list, but that’s due to being the second best team in a very bad Power 6 league. Georgetown (#72) is also on the bubble list and below us in NET.


LOL. It’s a huge if. Beating OM and Vandy just got us where it’s still vaguely possible. Emphasis on vaguely.

Next game has become the most important game of the season, keep winning and we’re in the dance. WPS

Keep winning and we are national champs, too…if we are going to fantasize about pigs flying why not go all the way?

The trip to Columbia to play the chickens was a start to end the bubble by the time we laid an egg at home against Texas A@M it was a fore gone conclusion the NIT might be in reach.
I want our hogs to win but I’d rather see them play more than 1 post season game.
If by some stroke of luck they did happen to make it they would be a scoobie snack for those Tar Heels again. No thanks that 5-8 matchup we have seen several times and it ends up the same way.
Just beat Bama.

You never know.

Shhhhh…don’t jinx it

Hogs almost a bubble team, words I hope I never read again. WPS

It would just be nice for our hogs to earn a seed in the top 16 at least every 4 years! I hate the bubble and the way the hogs get fed to a blue blood as a sacrificial
Lamb! UNC usually gets to put us out of our misery in this spot.

If you’re a coach, you sell it. Why not. It’s not like we are no longer bowl eligible. We are very eligible if we win.

Yep, I didn’t get enough sarcasm in my post, I don’t believe we are going to win enough to get into the tournament I wish I did because that would mean we started playing well consistently and consistency has not been our strong suit this season. But you never know until you play the game is what “THEY” say. WPS