had two lottery picks in Sunday's game

Langford of IU and Gafford. He had Dan going 14th to the Rockets (I guess he based draft order on the current standings). Comment on Dan indicated he had not watched him play much this year. I think a full dose of video from Sunday might have changed his opinion a bit.


Langford of IU and Gafford…

[/quote]I was really impressed with Langford’s game, both sides of the court. When we were tearing up their PG, they moved Langford to the point. That transition was impressive, not dissimilar to the skills of Mr. Zion. Anyway, Jones played against Langford…and pretty much held his own. Good for the Hogs down the road.

Of course as you point out, Gafford had a “tourney-type” game. Also, good for the Hogs down the road.

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Dookies going 1-2-3.