Gafford to Suns at #15

In their latest mock draft.

I really don’t think he’s ready (semi-disappearance against Tennessee is Exhibit A) but all it takes is one team that disagrees.

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He is not ready, but the fact that everyone is leaving hurts. If he comes back as a team we may struggle which will hurt his stock

I don’t know how much the NBA drafts on NBA potential rather than NBA-ready. It doesn’t really matter what any of us think. Gafford will go if he thinks it’ll mean huge money. Heck, if it means huge money, I want him to go. (Well, not really, but you know what I mean.) At least there are people who can now evaluate him & advise him of his realistic early draft chances rather than his hoped-for chances. If he can stay another year & add several $M to his status, he should stay. If not, best of luck to you, Daniel & thanks for being a Razorback.

I guess the big question is whether it is worth it financially to wait a year. If he moved into top ten for the 2019 draft I’m sure that pays a good bit more, than what he would get at the current projected level. But… if he is in the range to get good guaranteed money now, assuming he stays healthy and keeps developing, coming out now means he is one year closer to the second contract, which is where the enormous money starts getting made.

He is no more “not ready” than some of the other guy in the draft.

He is gone. I figured that when did not have him in the draft until last week saying before last week they were told he was staying at UA and their understanding changed last week.

Let’s prepare for his departure. I am sure our staff is planning on a replacement for Gafford.

He is done. I kind of felt he was playing his last game at BWA on senior night.

He’s already gone he just hasn’t left yet and it grieves me to say that but to not think that is denial. You play in high school dreaming of playing in college and as soon as you realize that you are talented enough for college you begin to look to play in the NBA some day. There’s no doubt he will be able to play in the NBA someday but he has a lot of work and maturing ahead of him. Wish him the best! WPS