Chavis to be DC

No real surprise, but now getting national play

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Are they waiting for A&M to officially fire him?

I think he’s waiting for A&M to fire him. If Chavis leaves College Station on his own, A&M is off the hook for his $1.6 million salary for the 2018 season. If they fire him, A&M must pay him minus whatever we pay him. And I don’t think Yurachek is gonna throw $1.6 million at him. Maybe $1M and let the Ags pay the rest. Therefore, Chavis has a financial incentive to wait until A&M kicks him out the door.

A sad move by the Aggies. However, not really out of character though.

I am excited about this hire and the fact that Caldwell is already in the fold. Our defense has been terrible for 3 years so anything is better than what we have had. Chavis is a defensive wizard that will probably create a defense based on our personnel. Chavis is a defensive ICON and the HS football coaches know and respect him. He can recruit on his name and history of putting players in the NFL. What is interesting is that Caldwell is a major bonus as a coach that is respected in the South and especially a recruiter.