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Spends a fair amount of space discussing the Hogs. His take: We need to be 12-6 in the SEC to feel safe on the evening of March 12. Is he right? He looks for 5 SEC teams in the field – or less.

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That’s what I been saying Blu. I saw your most recent 10-8 prediction. While realistic from an objective point of view, from a razorback insider fan that knows how much Mike has riding on this season point of view, we will get to 12-6. We got to.

I don’t know about 5 SEC teams making it though. Not at large bids. Maybe we are the fourth at 12-6 and miss st or Georgia or somebody else wins the tourney. If we are talking about 5 at large bids, then maybe 10-8 works, but I don’t see it. I have a feeling that will be the last of the 5 bid league talk we here of once the sec big12 challenge plays out.

The sec is plain week. Although I’m not saying making this run into March is going to be easy! We still got to play several more teams who think they belong there too, Georgia, Alabama, SC, Florida (ok st) …

I didn’t predict a 10-8 record, I was giving a scenario of how we could still get in with a 10-8 record. I said if we finished 12-1 in non-conference, 10-8 in conference, then win a game or 2 in the SEC tournament, we could make it in that way, that would give us 23-24 wins, with an RPI in the high 20s low 30s, would be hard to leave us out with that.

The article was a very good read. But, is not factoring in the SEC tournament. If we don’t win any games there and lose our remaining OOC game against OK St., then yea, we’d probably need 12 conference wins to make sure we get in.

And as far as my actual prediction, I’ve always said I think this is a 10-12 win conference win team. We’re going to lose some we shouldn’t, and probably win some on the road most didn’t expect.

Arkansas cannot afford to lose again in the first round of the SECT, whatever the regular-season record is.

Way too early for that. We still have South Carolina and Florida left to get a big W and a lot of regular Ws left too.

I’m trying to keep you on the 12-6 bandwagon period
We can’t put it in the books right now, but confidence does wonders for a team. It is starting to look like we got confidence on the road. Now if we can only start to fill the bandwagon again and do what we are supposed to do at home then watch out!
As far as my actual prediciction, anything can happen in March!