Boosters want Gus

Which gets a big “duh”, but it’s out there. From Bruce Feldman:

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I really believe they can hang that up especially after he beats Bama next week. We need to turn our attention toward the next guy.

Another take on wanting Gus…

Saban has been itching for this game, Gus will need a good plan I would think, but you never know about Gussie ! WPS

I know more than is needed to know. An even greater
divisive fissure awaits if we get on that bus. :frowning:

I’m not a Gus fan but he is a known entity in the SEC, which is less risk than an unknown. If he wins, the stands will be full.

I think some of this guy’s article is laughable. He talks about how some people here are tired of having us viewed as a “stepping stone” job to greatness and want someone who wants to retire here rather than flirt with other jobs. Thus we want someone with Ark ties. What?

The only coach I’m aware of who flirted with other jobs was one with deep Ark ties: Houston Nutt. (Ken Hatfield left for Clemson, but it wasn’t because he viewed us as a stepping stone.) Bobby Petrino for all his faults appeared to want to stay here. So did (does) Bret Beilema. We are not a stepping stone job. Someone might get hired away from us, but it’d be an unusual situation. This clown even uses Norvell as an example for a good fit here but ‘if Texas called in a couple of years.’ Sheesh. Who is this writer?

That is Mr FootBall Scoop. ha! The Gary Patterson mention I thought was laughable.